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  1. Kisu


    I wish there was a camera recording you as you read that..
  2. /Agreed Edit: Also my name is Green, when did this happen? Wat? Why? I liked pink.
  3. Kisu

    [EVENT] Summertime is Almost Gone...

    I.. was lazy as fu-. Just got bored and decided to mess around and see what happened. Attendee title pls. The kanji means Summer. Might have taken an outfit that "speaks summer" a little literally. Also they're not actually finished but I got tired of messing with them. Might finish them and edit this post later. Red White ( Silver ) and Blue.. because merica. Also black.. because racist. Finally a tramp stamp.. because I'm classy like that.
  4. CONTENT! It's content! Yaaaaaay.
  5. Kisu


  6. Kisu

    Deviant's Randomness

    Hue. Anybody playing still?
  7. Kisu


    Goodbye, everybody. This recent addition then removal of the ML Instance and the subsequent actions of Farbod have finally made me quit. Once the instance was added and fixed, over 1-2 months of raiding was done in the 8 hours that the instance was left in-game. This trivialized all the effort that was put in since February by us to obtain ML gear. After it was removed Farbod hosted an event where he traded us an aura ( Lightning - 10% Critical Rate, Fire - 10% Physical and Magical Damage, Ice - 10% Physical and Magical Defense, Wind - 5% Aim and Evasion ) for 5 pieces of ML gear ( Weapons or Armor ). He did this in an effort to remove the large amount of items obtained through the ML Instance the previous day. After both I and members of Rapture and Majestic had traded in ML items for these auras, he said that they would be deleted the next maintenance. This would be fine if it had only been ML gear from that instance that was traded in, but I traded in over 80 items that we had gotten from actually raiding. He is now saying that the Auras will not be removed and that he will be balancing them and adding a Raid instance to farm them, as well as a cap raise so that the lost ML's aren't important. He is doing this instead of a one day rollback that would fix all of these issues. This is, as the saying goes, the straw that broke the camels back. I'm done with this server now, the blatant incompetence of certain staff members and the lack of punishment for these actions is laughable. Farbod has used Static Damage to kill Malephar while it was being raided. He has taken raid gear from players and given them an item that he then said he was deleting. He has made an alt ( Atrophy - http://i.imgur.com/THqM4fH.jpg - http://i.imgur.com/j43alvp.jpg ) and warred guilds with staff spawned items, also using a HP Magic Potion. He has been in a party with a normal players to help out damage another guild at a raid event ( http://i.imgur.com/Srs2bTe.jpg). In any server where he had any superior he would have been removed from his position, but due to him being the Lead Administrator nothing has been done. Goodbye Deviant and Majestic, the only 2 guilds I can stand. Goodbye Spader and Mucski, the only 2 Admins I can stand.
  8. yudodis.. q.q My dreams have been crushed.
  9. Kisu

    Selling Geo Skins~ cheaper than most c;

    ..I want 5 hammers for a Guardian DD party. 18g 750s. j/k
  10. Kisu

    Top Paying Acad

    Vige if you're going to keep posting about your guild at least make it in the correct section. http://fiesta.core.ms/forums/index.php/forum/12-guilds/ "General Discussion" is not for advertising a guild.
  11. His name is Fitzy D:< Also welcome~
  12. Kisu

    Well, Uhm. Hai!

    Same, all the florida peoples~
  13. Kisu

    Mouse moves with rotating Camera Angle

    This happens to me with sandboxie, but not normally.
  14. Kisu

    [EVENT] Spam for Subscriptions

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