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  1. Kiwi


    Hello my subjects.
  2. Kiwi

    Dark Land

    I support this. The AR BB spot is just too small for effective Lic grinding. Bless this post.
  3. Kiwi

    Teva Weapons / Random Stuff

    Aim on Geo skins pls. We need da extra aim to go pewpew on uber hard bosses'.
  4. Kiwi

    Patch Log #012 - 25 Jan 2014

    These are the updates I live for.
  5. Kiwi

    Just some things

    Disclaimer; Wall of Text~ Enjoy Hi! It's everybody's favorite Kiwi here just leaving a little message for the staff members to consider. While I might not post on the forums very often, I do in fact keep up with certain concerns that are in the server right now! Let's being, one main issue is that the drop rate on certain things are just too low and while they might be changing it please keep in mind that this is in fact a Private Server and one should not be farming 8+ hours with absolutely zero results. This is disheartening and very annoying. Extremely low drop rates along with very little choices of bosses to farm is very annoying. Take for instance the Abyss Bosses; a main could farm them for several hours and make quite a few trips back for stones, deinventory, and to get back to 0% exp and after farming and doing all that I'll just be honest and say that it 'FREAKING SUCKS' Also, I have noticed with the content released that (On the topic of Skins) the rate on getting them is not actually 100%? Which is confusing because a lot of hard work goes into making perms that are actually good enough to farm DDM and along with the use of charms/ext/rants that's very annoying. Using those and then still not receiving a prize ???? This goes along with the low drop rate, but it's not what I intentionally meant to speak about in this paragraph. Instead I would like to discuss how the addition of SL into the server has absolutely made a 0 effect on the amount of players playing. Why you may ask? Because along with the horrible drop rate and the small difference between LN Gears and SL Gears the only other reason to farm SL is for the Good weapons! Not the old weapons, but the good ones. The ones that are actually worth farming. You must be thinking, "Oh but they're so OP!" No, not really. It would be different if they were a raided item and one guild had completely control over them, but in actuality it is in instance. Which means? That's all guilds and players can farm them! Which means that the power won't be in the hands of a select few people! The New lab weapons would bring in lots of players wanting to farm those 'goodies' for themselves. When using a New Lab weapon against LN gear, yes that might be OP but from all the farming going on in SL wouldn't players get the new gear too? I'm not a math major but I can certainly tell you that SL gear would boost the defence of players and make the weapons 'less op'. Oh and last, but not ever least. Let's discuss the mistreatment to certain classes. Cleric and Knight for example? SL shields don't even drop and last time I checked both those classes require those too be the best of what they can be. Another hindering aspect would be the fact that they have no shield skins? Which confuses me because if I can have a staff/axe skin that boosts my damage against them then why would they not get a shield skin to defend against such damage? Their classes in general are made to take a hit so the insanity of not giving them shield skins to boost their ONLY attribute is quite annoying in my most humble opinion. Ok well I guess my rant is done....Sorry if I offended anyone, actually I'm not. I observe and ask players what's wrong and why they're not playing. It's obvious enough and now there is a post about it. Enjoy your weekend guys/gals.
  6. Kiwi


    Vote vote vote~!!
  7. Kiwi

    Defence in the room

    OBT = Wipe = What's the point of building yourself for farming? Might as well have fun for pvp.
  8. Kiwi


    my tits are ruffled
  9. Kiwi


    ~.~ wasn't included in the Rhapsody guild pic and now this. /////Hurt
  10. Kiwi

    Defence in the room

    I've never said this. Please stop spreading lies that just make yourself look stupid. You don't even play the server anymore, Allie. Stop while you're ahead. Even if you had 15k defence (which you don't.) I'd still wipe the floor with your fail self. You'll never be as good as a SS as I was. Thanks. Try harder. I've killed you plenty of times, Allie.
  11. Kiwi

    Hello, My Name Is...

    Pleasure, I'm sure.
  12. Kiwi

    Defence in the room

    try harder pls. I'm an archer.
  13. Let's not forget the meaning of Christmas. Getting a shit ton of defence.

    1. Advent


      ]: That's my character's name in another game.

  15. Kiwi

    Sand Hill

    Mk. Would it be best to just get rid of it altogether?
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