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  2. conco1997

    Authentication Failed

    Hello Sorry for the inconvenience again, but the game ruined for the second time If you know the solution please reply fast now I love the game and I love the game in it The situation in which you ruined is an unenviable position. Please work on the problem and fix it Good-bye the problem https://s2.gulfupload.com/i/00098/0r65dpgitrah.png
  3. conco1997

    Authentication Failed

    Authentication Failed Hi I have a question ? How to solve Authentication Failed problem This happened to me yesterday and I thought that was a temporary glitch, so please respond quickly And fix the problem Good blood
  4. corefarmer

    Authentication Failed

    Authentication Failed Played the game fine yesterday. went to log in today and when i type user and pass i click start. goes to boot screen and says "authentication failed" deleted files and reinstalled... same thing.
  5. I click "Start" from the launcher and nothing happens. I did the initial install via the .exe file downloaded from the Direct Download link, it installed and ran OK the first time - can't get it to launch the second. I've restarted, uninstalled (with revo) and reinstalled 2x. What am I missing here?
  6. malaki97


    pm me im all for this vision, lets round up the players and revive, pm me
  7. malaki97

    Coming Back

    ive been trying to find friends to play with you and I should! pm me and we can get InTouch!
  8. InkyBunBunz

    Coming Back

    Coming Back Hi, I have been away for quite some time now and was wondering if this was something to come back to. Overall it says it's still online but is there players and things to do still? Not trying to be rude, it has just been so long since I have played this.
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