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  2. Patch Log #055 - 22 July 2019 Shield-Def rate of Bijou shields for fighter and cleric has been reduced. M-DMG of Bijou wand and staff has been reduced. Boots and amulets at +10 should now give Karis when destroyed at the healer NPC. Wild Leopards drop the Wild Leopard Licence. Respawn point in Roumen has been changed. Players will now spawn in front of grandpa Robin. Game loading screen, character choice and creation screen have been replaced.
  3. Hot Fix - 06 July 2019 Patch Notes: Bijou weapons should now give stats. The ones that already exist will remain stateless. HP of the mobs in the Shadow of Fortress KQ has been reduced. Physical defense of the Karen shield has been reduced from 1506 to 1425. Physical defense of the Chimera shield has been reduced from 1332 to 1239.
  4. Patch Log #053 - 06 July 2019 Patch Notes: Added new level 114 Bijou Weapons. Which you can obtain from the Bijou vault. Magical defense of Karen accessories has been reduced by 40%. Malephar Hardcore mobs will now attack players when they enter the map. The following changes have been made to the Fortress of Shadows KQ: The HP of mobs has been increased by 400%. The damage of mobs has been increased by 400%. The level of mobs has been increased by 7 levels. The EXP given by the mobs has been increased from 194388 to 2332656. The EXP reward for completing the KQ has been increased from 23243520 to 488113920. The rewards have been updated you now have a chance to get the following items: T5 Scrolls T5 Potions Rama Potions Bijou Vault
  5. BjornStronginthearm


    Yet another karen raid video :D.
  6. Patch Log #052 - 24 June 2019 Patch Notes: Focalor Mini Pet will now give stats. Karen shield should now be only equippable by Knights / Paladins The price of some level 114 and 120 weapons have been adjusted. Karen Shield base physical defense has been increased from 1282 to 1506. Karen Shield defense rate has been increased from 10% to 12%.
  7. MyUserName

    My mouse cursor is not visible

    My mouse cursor is not visible I have tried changing resolutions and that didn't help :C
  8. MyUserName

    It's Been a Long Journey...

    Cya l8er
  9. Amor

    core discord??

  10. Ranger binding skill not working properly against gladiators. The skill should bind on the spot, a glad shouldn't be able to use dash while binded. Also, while binded i'm still able to autoattack or cast skill, which makes the skill useless against ranged classes.
  11. Amor

    the old 110 gear dropped from abyss

    No they won't be brought back.
  12. the old 110 gear dropped from abyss should bring the 110 armor back but not dropped from abyss but dropped from monsters in Thorn Cave either from the monsters or Mini Bosses.
  13. Patch Log #051 - 16 May 2019 Patch Notes: Decreased the Untruthful Spirit weapon aim by 9%. Changed Karen weapon class requirement to appropriate classes. Updated the drops for Karen, Firepamelia, IncubusRock and IncubusAgole. They can no longer be taken by anyone. Guild rename and creation now accept special characters again. Fixed a bug with the guild rename item which when used did nothing but was still consumed. (Everyone who bought one, will get a refund in coins) Reverted skill hit time so that skills feel responsive again
  14. emptyt0ybox

    core discord??

    core discord?? is there a discord server for core? WE COULD START ONE IF NOT
  15. BjornStronginthearm

    Karen weapons

    Karen weapons The aim is wrong on the Karen weapon, it should be higher than a chimera axe. Also, the weapon should not be equipable by both Knights and Gladiators. I've appended some images of both weapons.
  16. Amor

    spectre skill

    This skill uses your HP as well as SP.
  17. ritinhapt

    Authentication Failed

    I am having this problem in 11/04/2019...
  18. apocops

    Bug Report

    Bug Report Hi, Can you guys Fix Trickster Class in this game, please? After the remake that FarbodD did give a delay on the skill, there allot of bug on this class(Trickster) Reaper and Specter skill. And also it disadvantages on PVP Match. When it comes to MVP Raid some skill may not hit or because of too far from the range because of the delay things some skill may get cancelled because of the delay things, to be honest, it really annoying and we can't deal damage. I highly Recommended setup everything like the way they are. Thanks and hope you reconsider my Request.
  19. charlwyn

    Core Fiesta

    why is it always laggy? damn i cant even lvl and play well because it's too damn laggy, always disconnecting every minute....
  20. LessQQMorePewPew

    It's Been a Long Journey...

    Thank you for all those years of hard work to make the best private server ever. I wish you the best!
  21. Amor

    It's Been a Long Journey...

    Missed you a lot Luna, hope you're well. I'm glad to hear from you, better late than never right? I'll always be here if you want to catch up. ❤️
  22. Cascade

    Authentication Failed

    Yes we already knew at that moment. It's resolved for now, let us know if it happens again. Regards
  23. Cascade

    Patch 61 problem

    Redownload the whole client. While doing that disable windows defender and any 3rd Party Software which can interfere with downloading and extraction of files. Regards
  24. Cascade

    DCs While Producing

    Last time you reported the same error. Tho someone is repeatedly ddosing us which probably worsen your connection. You may try it tomorrow and if not report back. Regards
  25. Luna

    It's Been a Long Journey...

    I know we've lost touch lately but I sincerely wish you all the happiness and success in your future endeavors. I'll never forget your investment in me that enabled such wonderful experiences during my time as an admin. Thank you for everything you've contributed to this community, Farbod. ?
  26. PixelPictures

    DCs While Producing

    DCs While Producing Lately it's impossible to produce anything since i get disconnected after producing like 2 Elrue/Scrolls/Potions. It's really annoying. Playing on Windows 10. Is there any possibility to solve this problem. Already checked my internet connection, which is really stable.
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