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  1. That is strictly confidential good sir.
  2. yo juicy boo-tay. jk, probably my untruthful axe because it took 30+ kills to get it.
  3. My guess is that it's the number of characters that players have created and deleted.
  4. Yeah I kinda wondered the same thing about redeeming prices being way different from last year. Here is a reference from the 2014 event in case you weren't aware but if your prices are firm then oh boy we'll be farming for quite a while because the snowmen are rather greedy with how often they drop them.
  5. December 23rd, 2013 OBT Crazy to think it was that long ago. o:
  6. Just for clarification purposes, the Kovar jewels have a level requirement of 116 to wear here which may play a part in why they aren't as easily obtainable as you think they'd be. On top of that, those jewels on retail were drops from HC Helga chests, not normal Helga. BUT HEY DO WHAT YOU CAN BECAUSE WHO TF KILLS HELGA EXCEPT US RIGHT? LELELELELE
  7. Skunk

    [EVENT] Molly Malice

    I feel so honored.
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