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  1. How many licks does it take to reach the center of a tootise pop?

  2. Imagine an apple defying gravity?

  3. What do you want me to do?

  4. What was something you wanted to farm, and it was straight up impossible sometimes? For me, it would have to be Baby Phouches as a mage in 105 ML's. This was before 11x abyss. I farmed for 114 drops but they hit me for so damn hard sometimes and were always a hassle to aggro all together.
  5. I was one of those person that saw Core being announced in development (never got into the closed beta, but was really hyped). A good friend was spoiling bits of info every now and then as they made it in, and I was really surprised they had working Mouth pieces (Shadow Fox Mask, Scarfs) which I have never seen in another private server before. The game was really well off during open beta and became hugely popular during official release and I do not regret taking part in playing in such an exclusive server.
  6. You ever wonder what do Martians eat?

  7. For me, it's Abyss. Especially 6x Abyss.
  8. I logged in and I asked myself: Why?

    1. Amor


      Why you logged in? Why not!

    2. selene


      Because free apple pie *gives apple pie*

  9. Whoa. Those numbers are pretty nice. - 998,496 have been learnt. Was that suppose to be skills have been learnt?
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