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  1. https://fiesta.core.ms/forums/index.php?/announcement/7-useful-links/
  2. No they won't be brought back.
  3. Amor

    spectre skill

    This skill uses your HP as well as SP.
  4. Missed you a lot Luna, hope you're well. I'm glad to hear from you, better late than never right? I'll always be here if you want to catch up.
  5. It's Been a Long Journey... and it's finally come to an end. I am glad I got to build this awesome server together with Revn and meet some amazing people on the Staff team whom I will never forget, and of course the players in game. It's been a great time and although we have had our ups and downs we still continue to go strong! I'm not really sure what to say. This project is a representation of my passion, my inspiration, my integrity, my patience and a living memory of my growth. It's especially a representation of mine and Revn's perseverance. It's difficult to say goodbye, but everything comes to an end one day. I hope everyone who was involved with this server and everyone who played it had a great time and will continue to do so. The server will continue to stay online and be updated even without me, surely by another great developer with even more passion and awesome ideas. With great sorrow, I say goodbye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h3F6pb0CNc
  6. Hey hey, welcome back! We've been going strong ever since we came online.
  7. The launcher manipulated error appears only when the client.exe file has been modified or deleted, so you antivirus is probably deleting it or preventing the launcher from updating the client.exe
  8. I think you're right about the end game content, and there will be some more end game content in the future, I just don't have time right now to add it. In terms of the rebirth system, I don't know the exact details of how I would make that work, because the cap may increase in the future and that would complicate the system amongst other things. So I agree need more end game content, but I don't think the rebirth system is the solution to that right now.
  9. No, the charms are already available in game, and you also earn lots of coins from just playing in game. The version we are using doesn't support this feature either.
  10. Amor


    Okay not to be rude, but you are stating the obvious. There's no one who wouldn't like events weekly and rewards followed by that. It's like asking "Would you rather drink water or drink nothing" lol... The answer is simple, simply don't have the resources or time to do events weekly. We have been trying to make an effort, but organising events takes lots of time an effort if you want to do it properly. The rewards are especially an issue because they shouldn't be overpowered and they should be meaningful. Something like an EXP boost or drop boost is not a good reward. If you have ideas for events or reward suggestions you're always welcome to post suggestions, but something like this won't really help change anything, because if I could do events every week, I would already be doing that.
  11. It has been decreased, that's not a typo.
  12. New levelling areas have been added in patch 50. :)
  13. Abyss difficulty and levelling difficulty has been adjusted in patch 50. :)
  14. This has been implemented in patch 50. :)
  15. Will look into it.
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