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  1. the old 110 gear dropped from abyss should bring the 110 armor back but not dropped from abyss but dropped from monsters in Thorn Cave either from the monsters or Mini Bosses.
  2. Abyssmal


    Weekly I believe and i know other do, that Weekly or Monthly events would make Core more Lively, if players have more things to do besides raiding bosses or farming gear, i know we can grab some new players to join and possibly bring in the old players as well.
  3. we need this please :D we need an event quest :D one where we earn coins by doing a daily task, you know.. that sort of thing.. when we earn a certain amount of coins we could trade them in for event 50% charms.. 100% Exp Cards, and 100% Warrants :D that would be lovely also would make players alot more active xP but make the coins and items bound so they can not be sold/traded xP 10 coins per item you get 2 or 3 coins a day from daily tasks. can make it last a week or 2. just think about it or make a poll and see if players would love this xP
  4. can get 15 day bags from capsules that costs 1g.
  5. I need this! im out of things to do on my perm! please bring it xP
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