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  1. TomCat

    Abyss difficulty

    I believe it is too hard to get to the spiders and once your there you NEED a full party if they are beginners especially a knight and cleric, which isnt really that accesible since there is a pretty low population on nubs simultaneously trying to level. My wiz is a nub and everything but he cant get to spiders and he is full geared with charms. Yes you can level by killing statues and others but with the new layout it seems difficult to do as there is so many. Placing this here to find out the communities opinion.
  2. TomCat

    Game not connecting

    The server is back online now and that happens to every player when farbod runs an update or just general maintinence
  3. TomCat

    Item Transmutation

    I thought of a cool thing you could possibly add. Item transmutation so lets say you have a fashion aura and you want the stats from, say a blue aura is there any way you could impliment a function where you can have the aesthetic look of a fashion aura with the stats of a blue aura? Mimir
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