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    It's Been a Long Journey...

    It's Been a Long Journey... and it's finally come to an end. I am glad I got to build this awesome server together with Revn and meet some amazing people on the Staff team whom I will never forget, and of course the players in game. It's been a great time and although we have had our ups and downs we still continue to go strong! I'm not really sure what to say. This project is a representation of my passion, my inspiration, my integrity, my patience and a living memory of my growth. It's especially a representation of mine and Revn's perseverance. It's difficult to say goodbye, but everything comes to an end one day. I hope everyone who was involved with this server and everyone who played it had a great time and will continue to do so. The server will continue to stay online and be updated even without me, surely by another great developer with even more passion and awesome ideas. With great sorrow, I say goodbye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h3F6pb0CNc
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    Ability to enhance weapons to +12

    Ability to enhance weapons to +12 It would be nice to enhance weapons to plus 12 and have that nice effect plus the damage boost over plus 11, or at least add the plus 12 effect when u enhance a weapon to plus 11. At the moment karis can get your weapons from plus 9 to 11, maybe the same stone can be used to further enhance your weapon to plus 12?