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  1. They were closed or offline for some years now. You can use the forums again and look up guides and information.
  2. Patch Log #056 - 26 Sep 2019 Instance: Burning Adealia instance has been added to the game (Adealia Valley). This entails the following changes: Magrite will no longer drop level 110 sets or level 110 jewelry. Eglack will now drop level 110 sets, with a 100% chance. Mad Eglack (the final boss of BA) will now drop level 110 jewels with 100% chance. Eglack and Salare mobs have been removed from Adealia Valley. Noitome will no longer drop badges and Draco jewelry. Noitome will now drop level 114 accessories. Leviathan's Shiny Egg will now drop badges, with a 100% chance. Monsters: Focalor of Magic now has a change to drop a Combined Aura (All aura stats in one). Very rare item. Incubus Rock mob's stats have been reduced. Skills: The cast time for the following skills has been removed: Lacerate Cruel claw Harsh blow Thunder bolt Stifle duration time has been reduced. Eradicate[05] has been removed from NPC Skill Master Edwina. Corrected misleading Eradicate skill description. Fighter stun duration has been reduced. Eradicate skill should use the proper animation now. Recovering blow skill should use the proper animation now. Concussive Charge stun is now 100%. Devastate stun is now 100%. Sets: Flame set will reduce the cooldown of Awaken by 10% now (It was 30% before). Thor set will reduce the cooldown of Awaken by 20% now (It was 30% before). Reduced Korins set effect for Nature's speed from 50% to 25%. Degro set has been renamed to Dash Set. Dash set 3 parts effect reduce the cooldown time of the skill Counter Attack. Dash set 4 parts effect reduce the cooldown time of the Dash. Halloween: Halloween town maps have been added to the game. Monsters are dropping candies all over the place. Make sure you collect them New halloween skins have been added to the game. Future event Pumpkin stacks have been added over the major towns. Make sure you dance near them to receive a special buff. Bug fixes: Hats will now give Karis when destroyed. Fixed some minor issues with the upgrade effects on items. (If you find any issue please contact me). Corrected misleading description of HP / SP stone extenders. Miscellanea: Normal Helga portal has been moved to Forest of Slumber. Mob respawn animation has been changed. Files for future patches have been added as well. The patch was initially going to be much bigger, but i'll save that for the next weeks ;).
  3. Patch Log #055 - 22 July 2019 Shield-Def rate of Bijou shields for fighter and cleric has been reduced. M-DMG of Bijou wand and staff has been reduced. Boots and amulets at +10 should now give Karis when destroyed at the healer NPC. Wild Leopards drop the Wild Leopard Licence. Respawn point in Roumen has been changed. Players will now spawn in front of grandpa Robin. Game loading screen, character choice and creation screen have been replaced.
  4. Hot Fix - 06 July 2019 Patch Notes: Bijou weapons should now give stats. The ones that already exist will remain stateless. HP of the mobs in the Shadow of Fortress KQ has been reduced. Physical defense of the Karen shield has been reduced from 1506 to 1425. Physical defense of the Chimera shield has been reduced from 1332 to 1239.
  5. Patch Log #053 - 06 July 2019 Patch Notes: Added new level 114 Bijou Weapons. Which you can obtain from the Bijou vault. Magical defense of Karen accessories has been reduced by 40%. Malephar Hardcore mobs will now attack players when they enter the map. The following changes have been made to the Fortress of Shadows KQ: The HP of mobs has been increased by 400%. The damage of mobs has been increased by 400%. The level of mobs has been increased by 7 levels. The EXP given by the mobs has been increased from 194388 to 2332656. The EXP reward for completing the KQ has been increased from 23243520 to 488113920. The rewards have been updated you now have a chance to get the following items: T5 Scrolls T5 Potions Rama Potions Bijou Vault
  6. Patch Log #052 - 24 June 2019 Patch Notes: Focalor Mini Pet will now give stats. Karen shield should now be only equippable by Knights / Paladins The price of some level 114 and 120 weapons have been adjusted. Karen Shield base physical defense has been increased from 1282 to 1506. Karen Shield defense rate has been increased from 10% to 12%.
  7. Patch Log #051 - 16 May 2019 Patch Notes: Decreased the Untruthful Spirit weapon aim by 9%. Changed Karen weapon class requirement to appropriate classes. Updated the drops for Karen, Firepamelia, IncubusRock and IncubusAgole. They can no longer be taken by anyone. Guild rename and creation now accept special characters again. Fixed a bug with the guild rename item which when used did nothing but was still consumed. (Everyone who bought one, will get a refund in coins) Reverted skill hit time so that skills feel responsive again
  8. Revn


    welcome back!
  9. Core Fiesta is undergoing an unscheduled maintenance this morning (June 9, 11:00AM UTC). There is no current estimate for when services will resume, but please check back on this thread for updates. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. < June 9, 11:00AM UTC ~ ??:?? >
  10. Revn

    Deutsches forum yey!

    Soweit ich weiß gibt es sowas noch nicht. Sei doch der Erste der eine deutsche Gilde aufmacht
  11. Ok so you guys killed the boss once? Twice? and expect a good drop? You are saying like it was the best drop possible chancebased. It might have been the worst drop possible? Kill the boss some times more to justify a change.
  12. This problem is a rare case and its probably the fault of the launcher. We are working on fixing this right now. Have patience please. A fix should be up soon to test for you.
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