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  1. You mean stacks like this? This works fine for me
  2. @Amor It is; What are you listening to, not What are you watching. xD
  3. I knowwww, me likey :3 Its on my gaming music playlist, its a playlist with mostly kpop and nightcore like music ^.^ This song is on the playlist aswell:
  4. Nekoinge

    Level up 113 DC

    I guess you already know this but it wasnt on the bug reports so I decided to make a post of it. Trying to be helpfull here I was leveling in 110 abyss and as soon as you hit lvl 113 you DC with a windows error message. [Never had that error before] This happend to my Wizard an it happend to a friend and her 2 characters too Type of bug (Graphical, Text, Game, Other): Level DC Error bug? Time of Occurrence: Around 19:00 - 20:00 but I dont think thats usefull ^^ I dont remember the time it was when my friend got her DC on 113 Location: Lvl 110 Abyss Character Name: Nekoinge Screenshots: I wanted to make one of the error but I guess it went away or I clicked it away. ;\ If its still needed I can make one when it happens again on my HK
  5. I get an error 404 Page not found on the first button, the second button does work.
  6. BTS their dances fit the songs its so nice but too bad I cant dance haha For fun I dance this with my friend who also loves kpop:
  7. I never came across a song that I didnt like of BTS. :3 Fire is one of my favorite songs.
  8. I want to revive this post pls.
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