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  1. After farming Giant Red Condor (not a boss or elite mob) around 18 hours combined (always with item mall rant, mostly during rollback event), i only saw it after mouse-over all the drops on the ground. When other license like Magrite drop, it is bigger icon and make sound. I don't even know if many dropped during the 18 hour farm but i actually missed them because hard to see. This might be because when i have setting -> DROP ITEM NAME (enabled) , it only shows a few item drop name which makes it harder to see (bug?). If i turn off DROP ITEM NAME , i have to mouse-over all the drops. If possible, can Giant Red Condor (and maybe other License) have bigger icon and sound when drop (just like Magrite or Jewels) For comparison
  2. At lvl 114, i lose around 3 mil exp per death (every 2 mins since that is the respawn timer). After a few hours of afk in exp loss room, not even 1% lost (since 144 bil exp total to level). Since the exp loss room already removes more exp on death than normal (x15 according to loading screen), is it possible to make it remove more? (maybe x100 or full exp bar if that is possible). (also, side suggestion : the droprate of weapon licenses (specifically GIANT RED CONDOR) still too low. Farmed GIANT RED CONDOR over 16 hours during x2 event with 150% cash shop rant, no drop. Can the droprates be checked/possibly buffed?)
  3. gentlemen

    Faster Enhance (no need to unstack stone/bundle)

    I tried it out, and apparently it just worked. I guess this thread is useless now. Mods can you lock this thread
  4. I'm a relatively new player, but I saw this feature from another pserver (Cataclysm Online). They also run on Odin files, so I think this might work here. Not sure how to explain, but instead of having to shift-click elrue/lix/xir and bundle to upgrade in blacksmith, they made it so even if you put full stack, it works the same - before upgrade - during upgrade (you can see the elrue and bundle stacks worked fine)
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