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  1. mine

    Connection has timed out + Others

    Did u tryed to restart your router or computer? Do you have an active Firewall, maybee the Firewall blocks the Connection.
  2. mine

    please make the exp loss room remove more exp

    i can Confirm this bug. i lose on lvl 106 3.474.971 exp per death. (0.06 % every death) Thats more than she loses on 114 which can be seen on the Discord screenshot.
  3. I thought about some possible Rewards for the events, becase the most stuff i saw where Costumes. I only know the Angelic skin, as a Event reward. So maybee we can get some more Skins as Event reward. Maybee not with a hit-Counter. I would prefer a normal Timer on it like on the Costumes. I would prefer a shorter Timer on the Eventstuff, with a higher rate Events too. Maybee some cool skins like them: Skin-Files Greetings
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