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  1. Spader

    Hello c:

    Welcome Emily!
  2. Spader

    Core Fiesta Screenshot Thread

    I was eaten by his pet dragon
  3. Slow and steady wins the race

  4. Spader

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted but they're hallucinations. I wish to be more determined.
  5. Spader

    I'm back ^_^

    welcome man
  6. Spader

    Auto stack inventory

    Not possible, sorry :\
  7. Spader

    What's weird on Core?

    What is weird?
  8. A rubber band can only withstand so much tension before it snaps.

    1. Skunk


      I can confirm this, learned that in first grade. (nod)

  9. Spader

    KQ Time!

    I loved KKP and hated it back in the OS days you had to spam KKP to lvl from 70-80.
  10. Spader

    This or That

    Never tried Weed so Alcohol. Puppies or Kitties?
  11. Spader

    Core en Español!

    Bienvenidos al nuevo foro para los que hablen Español!
  12. Spader

    Some Stuff

    Which Auras? There are several, there is a set of auras that has 5 different colors.
  13. Spader

    Patch Log #037 - 10 May 2015

    Trepidation != Lightning Wave
  14. Spader

    Patch Log #036 - 04 May 2015

    The original skill, Lightning Chain skill does not work that's why it was replaced with Trepidation.
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