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  1. Slow and steady wins the race

  2. Granted but they're hallucinations. I wish to be more determined.
  3. Not possible, sorry :\
  4. A rubber band can only withstand so much tension before it snaps.

    1. Skunk


      I can confirm this, learned that in first grade. (nod)

  5. Spader

    KQ Time!

    I loved KKP and hated it back in the OS days you had to spam KKP to lvl from 70-80.
  6. Never tried Weed so Alcohol. Puppies or Kitties?
  7. Bienvenidos al nuevo foro para los que hablen Español!
  8. Which Auras? There are several, there is a set of auras that has 5 different colors.
  9. Trepidation != Lightning Wave
  10. The original skill, Lightning Chain skill does not work that's why it was replaced with Trepidation.
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