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  1. Awesome Event! However, I'm curious why the prices are so High on things :3 Time to farm lot's of snowflakes :3 (Also why only 1 event costume) QQ
  2. That's for the Premium Capsules that are in Item Mall. (Which currently are not there since they are broken)
  3. Best Part of the patch notes right here <3 :3
  4. MeliChu

    KQ Time!

    I would say Gordon and KKP would be good KQs to start with! :3
  5. Since I haven't seen people fight phinos for awhile I want to make a suggestion to change the event a little bit! How to do this: 1. You could manually spawn the golden chests when you want. The new existing golden chests that you guys have can be spawned in place of phinos Reason: People seem to have trouble tanking or doing damage to the existing phinos that already spawn from this event. 2. You could also some how maybe get it where the chests spawn randomly over the regular treasure chests, Kind of like there's a percentage where this chest could spawn over the regular treasure chest. Reason: It would be interesting and unique to find a random treasure chest that is different than all the others and give players a sense of accomplishment for finding a special golden chest! (This idea could also be kept for a future idea if you can't get it to work right away) Well here is my suggestion! (hope you like it)
  6. Hiya!~ MeliChu here to suggest a interesting event that is awesome for summer! Okay so here is the idea. After doing research and hearing other people mention things that seem to be really epic. I was thinking of something like the snowflake event(where you exchanged snowflakes you collected for prizes) but instead of snowflakes use summer theme'd collectibles! (i.e. with July close by I was thinking maybe we could collect fireworks more specifically) This is just an idea that I thought about. Now I shall list some reasons to justify why I think you should do this: 1. IT WOULD BE FREAKING AWESOME. I think a lot of people that played that winter event would enjoy something like this to be brought back not only for the sole purpose that it was fun but you could add so many different and new rewards for everyone to enjoy. 2. THE TIMING IS PERFECT! With summer time around the corner it's the perfect time to get more players a chance to get things and to populate the server with awesome events. Generally during summer people have more time to play games and would get to experience this. If anyone has anyone has input on how to make this Suggestion even better, Leave a comment below!~
  7. MeliChu

    KQ Time!

    Hiya! :3 I'm here today to suggest that we could take already existing KQs on the list and bump them up to the cap lvl! Quite personally I like KQs (and know some others too that would like to do some fan favorites of KKP and Gordon). You could be saying "why do that when you could just make a character for the levels already associated with the KQs?" Well for this answer I'm going to say because 1. IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO DO SOME OF THOSE LOWER LEVEL KQS AS A CAPPED CHAR!(My personal favorites KKP/Gordon) Having all those prestige skills would be awesome and I kinda always wondered what it would be like to play those KQs with prestige and capped and if they were bumped to cap levels :3 (I could be the only one that feels this way, I don't know.) 2. YOU COULD GIVE OUT REWARDS THAT ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN WHAT YOU NORMALLY GET! I was thinking if you can get it to work adding in things that last for 7 days that could include some different/unique outfits, Auras(that are not as good as Focalors), and Accessories. Reasoning for adding these kinds of rewards is so that everyone has a fair chance to get them because KQs there for everyone to do, does not matter what guild your in and what not and might bring people together as a community! Well here's my little thing on this subject! If anyone has anything they would like to add about KQs leave them below! :3
  8. Curious where and what this Gold Treasure Box is :3 Lolz :3
  9. Hiya~ MeliChu here to bring you a video of Deviant doing a Karen Raid~ :3 I hope everyone enjoys the video!
  10. This really isn't much to fix this balance issue. Everyone knows that fighters/clerics get two skins? Also if npc/geo is better than the balance is already thrown off therefore this is invalid.
  11. I would like to address an issue known to these skins. The 1 hands, Hammers, and Maces all have a lower % then npc skins. (Noting that Shard skins is 7% and Transparent skins are 8% while npc skins are 10% for Damage) I was wondering if you could make it where the skins for these particular weapons are better than the npc stats because it does not make any sense for npcs to have 3%(Shard)/2%(Transparent) more dmg than a skin you have to farm for. These particular skins should be 15%(Shard)/16%(Transparent) like the rest of the weapons are! (Or make it 12% like the geo skins)
  12. I would also like to disagree on getting rid of the costume stats entirely. It gives benefits to everyone! It can allow newer players to get an edge at becoming better! Also I don't think it is really necessary to make a different stated version of each outfit! If you really think its that time consuming then just change the stats on some of the already existing outfits to fit the needs of having 3% dmg outfit! :3
  13. It's a Kitty! :3 Meow~ http://prntscr.com/7blxli
  14. 1. changing the coins per hour to 25 coins per hour. I am relatively new to this server and was reading around the forums a little bit and noticed a lot of posts commenting the 50 coins per hour as a thing. I'm not sure why you guys went way down to 10 coins per hour but I think it should be increased a little bit or somewhere to the 15-25 range (25 mostly) because I feel it isn't overshooting it with the current prices you have on things and possible might get more people to play? not sure. 2. Adding way more hair styles/hair colors. Customization is always nice to increase upon and I wouldn't mind seeing what you guys could make for everyone! 3. Adding more clothes/accessories. Even more customization is awesome! 4. Getting passives to work? Not sure how hard this isto get working and also not sure if it's for just certain classes it does not work for or if its just HKs/Wizards but I have noticed the passives that are from retail aren't working(at least for those 2 classes). 5. Add an enhancement chart on the forums somewhere. I would like to know the enhancement rates are, please! (Also if you could lower prices on bundles in game a little bit? definitely for those newcomers?) 6. Maybe some party instances that me and my boyfriend could duo that are high level. This is mostly for those that don't have a lot of friends and they want a chance to get cool stuff as well. for example an idea for this would be like make another easier instance that drops (what ever your high level skins are) with a drop rate where drops do not drop as often. Kinda think of this as like a easy mode and if you want you can do the hard mode that has a better chance to drop things! 7. Different ways to make money. You could make it where ores are worth money to sell for those people that like to mine. You could also add decomping sap as a way to make money also? :3 This is all I can think of at the moment. If I think of more I'll edit it in! Also Feel free to leave your suggestions below of what you would like to see added in!
  15. Hiya my name is MeliChu and I made a video thing for this contest! :3
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