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  1. 7x Abyss, Spade room 5ever~ a)Spawn-> kill-> house chill (lazy af xD) b)It brings memories alright. </3
  2. ~
    1. Amor


      Oh this is nice, I like it. =D

    2. selene


      Good music ^^

  3. So around 30-32% of the characters got deleted? That's a lot
  4. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays~ xoxo

  5. If you're hungry, eat.

    1. Amor


      If you're tired, sleep.

    2. selene


      My life in five words, lol.

  6. selene


    Rather than being lazy, most of the times it's because they don't care, but yeah.. either way it's annoying.
  7. Do you seek enlightenment?

    1. Zephry
    2. selene


      Maybe the "enlightenment"has been seeking you up until now.

  8. That moustache lives up to it's name!
  9. Here is the full translation o: "The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseHeader Detail=CR must be followed by LF", if you search through Google, theres a few threads about the error. Would help more but i'm not really an expert Dx I hope this helped~
  10. Glad to hear the server & community is growing! Even though i can't join back due to personal stuff (Dx) I'm still a Core fan ~

    1. Luna


      So nice to see you again selene~ I hope you can at least visit our forum more often :)

  11. Check your "temp" folders, they are usually at C:\Windows\Temp & Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp and clean them. I hope it helps!
  12. Found this on SB forums, you could try it : If it doesn't work, you could try with an older version from here http://www.sandboxie.com/index.php?AllVersions Just suggestions though, if someone else knows how to fix it, this is the error http://www.sandboxie.com/index.php?SBIE2314, Windows updates tend to cause issues on Sandboxie. I hope any of this helps you o:
  13. Which version of SB are you using? o:
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