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  1. Amor

    core discord??

  2. Amor

    the old 110 gear dropped from abyss

    No they won't be brought back.
  3. Amor

    spectre skill

    This skill uses your HP as well as SP.
  4. Amor

    It's Been a Long Journey...

    Missed you a lot Luna, hope you're well. I'm glad to hear from you, better late than never right? I'll always be here if you want to catch up.
  5. It's Been a Long Journey... and it's finally come to an end. I am glad I got to build this awesome server together with Revn and meet some amazing people on the Staff team whom I will never forget, and of course the players in game. It's been a great time and although we have had our ups and downs we still continue to go strong! I'm not really sure what to say. This project is a representation of my passion, my inspiration, my integrity, my patience and a living memory of my growth. It's especially a representation of mine and Revn's perseverance. It's difficult to say goodbye, but everything comes to an end one day. I hope everyone who was involved with this server and everyone who played it had a great time and will continue to do so. The server will continue to stay online and be updated even without me, surely by another great developer with even more passion and awesome ideas. With great sorrow, I say goodbye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h3F6pb0CNc
  6. Amor

    The Bacon Knight Returns~

    Hey hey, welcome back! We've been going strong ever since we came online.
  7. Amor

    Patch 61 problem

    The launcher manipulated error appears only when the client.exe file has been modified or deleted, so you antivirus is probably deleting it or preventing the launcher from updating the client.exe
  8. Amor

    Leveling and Content

    I think you're right about the end game content, and there will be some more end game content in the future, I just don't have time right now to add it. In terms of the rebirth system, I don't know the exact details of how I would make that work, because the cap may increase in the future and that would complicate the system amongst other things. So I agree need more end game content, but I don't think the rebirth system is the solution to that right now.
  9. Amor

    we need this please :D

    No, the charms are already available in game, and you also earn lots of coins from just playing in game. The version we are using doesn't support this feature either.
  10. Amor


    Okay not to be rude, but you are stating the obvious. There's no one who wouldn't like events weekly and rewards followed by that. It's like asking "Would you rather drink water or drink nothing" lol... The answer is simple, simply don't have the resources or time to do events weekly. We have been trying to make an effort, but organising events takes lots of time an effort if you want to do it properly. The rewards are especially an issue because they shouldn't be overpowered and they should be meaningful. Something like an EXP boost or drop boost is not a good reward. If you have ideas for events or reward suggestions you're always welcome to post suggestions, but something like this won't really help change anything, because if I could do events every week, I would already be doing that.
  11. Amor

    Patch Log #050 - 09 Sept 2018

    It has been decreased, that's not a typo.
  12. Amor

    Mansion of Abyss spam kill problem

    New levelling areas have been added in patch 50. :)
  13. Amor

    Abyss difficulty

    Abyss difficulty and levelling difficulty has been adjusted in patch 50. :)
  14. Amor

    Disable Skill In Marketplace

    This has been implemented in patch 50. :)
  15. Amor

    Stats to the focalor pet

    Will look into it.
  16. Amor

    This game is kinda hard

    You also earn item mall coins for spending time in game. You can receive these by logging out in game and then logging in on the website to to update it.
  17. Amor

    This game is kinda hard

    Thank you for suggestions Klaypex. I will take them into consideration when I make updates to the item mall next time, but as Abyssmal said, it is possible to obtain 7 day and 15 day inventory expansion bags from the capsules in game. It is also possible to buy charms and extenders in the game already. Although they are only 2 hours. In terms of adding 30 day items and permanent items into the item mall, I will take that into consideration. Thank you.
  18. Amor

    Maintenance September 9th

    September 9th XD The server is back online!
  19. Hey everyone, hopefully these changes will make levelling somewhat easier and less frustrating for those dying in the abyss. It should also fix some problems some players were having in the marketplace and in other areas of the game with the archer hide skill. Updates: You can no longer shout in the market place. You can no longer use a minihouse in the marketplace. You can no longer use skills in the market place. You can no longer do guild wars in the market place. Ranger Hide skill is no longer saved, meaning whenever you change maps or logout it is removed. All abyss bosses from 2x to 10x have been renamed from Super Ultra Mega (Name) to (Name) Boss. All abyss bosses from 2x to 10x have had their size reduced. Reduced XP received from 110 Abyss monsters by 3 to 4 million. Increased 110 Abyss Incubus defence by 20% and magic defence by 65%. Decreased 110 Abyss Spider defence by 40%, magic defence by 55%, evasion by 50% and HP by 38%. Increased Blood Spider XP by 2 million. Decreased Blood Spider defence by 60%, magic defence by 75%, evasion by 60% and HP by 60%. Increased the XP received from monsters in Psiken Garden and Psiken Mansion by more than 50%. Increased the XP received from monsters in Kahal Plain by more than 50%. You can no longer form parties in prison. Prison respawn point has been changed. You can no longer PK in the prison. New players can no longer use underscore (_) in their character name. Character name change no longer allows special characters. Players with only underscores in their name will be forced to change their name on their next login. Notes: Kahal Plain is located in Adelia Valley which can be reached from Adelia by speaking with Tamer Ranthis. Psiken Garden can be reached by going to Kahal Plain. Psiken Mansion can be reached through Psiken Garden. The XP rates in the above mentioned maps (Adelia Valley on onward) are now comparable to that of the 110 Abyss. Finally... I will not answer any questions about what was updated, the patch notes are written for a reason.
  20. The maintenance should only last for about 10 minutes. It will be in about 45 minutes from now.
  21. Amor

    Constant DCs

    Probably due to DDoS attacks.
  22. Amor

    Getting Started

    Hi there, it does but it has been moved slightly and given a makeover. If you had to the marketplace of Roumen in the bottom left and corner of the map you should find all the shops.
  23. Amor

    New person

    Welcome to Core Fiesta, I hope you have a good time here!
  24. Amor

    Patch 61 problem

    If the error message is shown in the launcher that means your antivirus may have deleted the Client.exe file. If you saw this message in the game when selecting a character, it means one of your client files have been modified. You should repatch. You can do so by clicking the ? button in the top right hand corner and then double clicking the Core logo.
  25. Amor

    Patch 61 problem

    Is there an error? Have you tried repatching? Check your internet connection and antivirus. Maybe you just need to be patient a little bit and let it complete. Also try restart your PC.
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