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  1. Drea

    Perm Guild

    Kind of a dumb name :c
  2. Drea

    Perm Guild

    What's the name of it? o.o
  3. Yah..... It was their plan to make you guys die...
  4. And Havok. I doubt that was their intentions to keep people from DD'ing.
  5. Then why you QQ'ing? I don't see the problem. You say you get all the drops 3/3 everytime , right?
  6. You shouldn't have died then.
  7. Drea

    Unlimited be mad

    Still doe.
  8. Drea

    Le Ban Game!

    Banned for making me puke.... (Quit btw) lol
  9. Drea


    Saps are boring to get anyways :c
  10. Drea

    Le Ban Game!

    Banned for being slow and lonely. xD
  11. Drea

    Le Ban Game!

    Banned cause what you say doesn't matter. o:
  12. Drea

    Le Ban Game!

    Banned because nobody would say that
  13. Drea

    Le Ban Game!

    Banned for being too awesome Kate. qq
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