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  1. Vige

    Mob Farming

    But besides the fact of more spawn locations, wouldn't bigger spawns please you as well?
  2. Vige

    Mob Farming

    In my opinion, I believe there should be a better mobbing area for mobs such as Baby Phouches, Kruges, and etc. They're nice for money farming but not so much since you can only get like 6 enemies per mob which by itself isn't much. So let me know what you think about bigger mob spawns, thanks.~
  3. End End/Dex End/Spr End/Dex/Spr Any +, /w me in game at DatFlappyDuck or comment below.~
  4. Vige


    Sacred is a new perm guild welcoming ANY perms. Equips in GS are handed out to trusted perms. I will be looking for admins to help recruit and manage guild when I'm not online.
  5. All gears needed, Kick Set / 46 Helm. Message me on forums or reply below please~ :3
  6. Vige

    Top Paying Acad

    I'm changing the name when game is up..dun want it named after another player ;x
  7. Vige

    Top Paying Acad

    Jon Valiant acad guys, highest paying acad and does plvling when available.~
  8. Vige

    Perm Guild

    All perms are accepted and it's the highest paying acad on the server
  9. Vige

    Perm 50 Fighter

    LF Godly Perm 50 Fighter Gears-Helm -Kick Shirt -Kick Pants -Kick Boots -Blue Axe -Jewels Paying Well, Post Item / Stats Below And b/o.
  10. Vige

    Perm Guild

    No that's not the name, lol. Name is Valiant.
  11. Vige

    Perm Guild

    New perm guild recruiting for perms of and lvl! Teva weps and gears will be in GS and will be handed out to those in need.
  12. Vige

    Selling Geo's

    Sold the rest of my Geo's but I shall be going farm it again soon
  13. Vige

    Selling Geo's

    Selling some Geo Skins guys, let me know what skin you need and how much you're paying and I'll get to you. ;D Currently have axe / claws / 1h but I'm still got some farming to do.
  14. Vige

    B>Kick Set / 46 Fighter Helm

    Str / End Str / Dex End / Dex Any of those combos will work fine with me. Contact me IG at Vige
  15. Vige

    Economic Problems.

    That was my main intentions, just maybe decreasing the bundles prices. I'm not looking for money basically handed to me, just want it a little more balanced in some ways.
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