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  1. C'était un serveur sympa. Il y a quelques années. C'est désert maintenant malheureusement. Bienvenue tout de meme
  2. It willl get better, more quality patches. OOS have been the ones holding patches and refusing to reduce the p2w aspect of the game. Too little too late though, just how the game is made, it'll be hard for them to fix it. But at least they want to fix it unlike oos. And cap raise is just starting to get in the works.Won't be live for a year or two.
  3. Friends brought me to core mostly. was my 3rd server I think. after selesnia and an infinity copy. What got me to like it is the community. And finally a server where everything is not too easy but not p2w. Most servers get boring since they make everything either too easy or too hard and need cash shop to be able to complete. Can't wait to hear about your new server far :*
  4. Black Shadows are fun to grind. worst is probably gm's. not enough spawn and take forever to respawn.
  5. Soloing ml hc. always took me 2-3 tears of legel. the birds hurt alot when they not placed. was fun to farm though.
  6. The balance sl vs lh was good that's what I'm asking here... now psiken vs chim is like trying to outdamage a ml with a 100 mag
  7. Really sounding like glads on gamigo forums that say classes are balanced just to keep their advantage lmao It's not a lack of skil or effort that would make it impossible for other guidls to take down chim. It's the dmg gap being way too big.
  8. How was that proved during last cap ? the dmg difference between SL and LH is way smaller than between psikens and Chims On Retail, arenas were dumb, but Lavas were needed. Chims should have been 110 There's no reason to have 2 raid weapons of same level Psikens are too weak
  9. You already using DDM for geos atm Eh I'd need to check screens don't remember name of sets by heart. Flaming beast .... for the armors. Lava (name of the 114green) (wep) Lava Chamor Wand Lava Neferti Staff etc Imo wep is more important than armors so DDF would be better but if the other one almost ready better do BA first
  10. DDT 70-79 Drops Iry jewel set lvl 75 or 80 I forgot DDM 40-50 Drops 55 armors and a special mask 46 hats DDB 50-60 Drops 55 armors and a special mask 56 hats DDF 105-120 Drops 115 Armors and weapons (Lavas ) Edit : DDF is a 15 man instance so make it a guild instance or change the mobs stats ( don't keep the ones from gamigo)
  11. On official ? Seized adealia weps. They are level 120 and weaker than Chaos weapons ( from Siren castle instance)
  12. Never heard of that on na... is that the green karens ? NQ dropped from Lucky house capsules but Lavas would be better imo ( if you can fix their crit rate a bit)
  13. Noone complained about SL weps being close in dmg to ml's o.o why would it be a problem to have an instance that can't be monopolized to have a lesser wep than chim ( not that it would fix anything since there's SQ's now) ?
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