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  1. People still play this? o.o

  2. Vanity

    I've tried everything.

    When I'd get this error, I'd have it as an exception. Eventually I just shut down all my protection for like 30 seconds for me to log in and it worked. Didn't have a problem after that. I know it's not a legit fix but for some reason that worked for me.
  3. Nothing makes a smart man stupid like a thirst for vengeance.

  4. Vanity

    How to fix Sandboxie

    This is way late but.... I had this same exact problem and I sat here for literally days trying to fix it. I tried everything; older versions, deleting contents, deleting the sandbox in the computer file, etc.. Well, after doing a shit ton of research, I learned that for some God forsaken reason, on windows 8.1 (at least on this laptop I'm using), it doesn't put the launcher and game files into the sandbox, it tries running it outside of it. So if you go into the sandbox file itself, and manually put the game into the sandbox it "should" work. I advise though, before doing that, delete all the files and content of sandboxie and redownload for a clean start. Otherwise you'll go crazy because it tends to throw the game files anywhere and everywhere. Why? I don't know. The error I was getting was SBIE2224 and SBIE2225, of which the sandboxie forums had no description of like they don't even exist/happen, yet they're there.
  5. Vanity

    I solo'd lab, give me a biscuit.

    Here ist thou biscuit.
  6. Vanity

    [EVENT] Design a Shirt

    Since I'm a lace lover and can do these in multiple colors for more of a variety...~: Black and white Red Purple
  7. Vanity

    [EVENT] Design a Shirt

    Once we make a submission, can we change it up until the date the event closes?
  8. Officially back to Core. Woohoo~

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Vanity


      That sounds like a sticky situation.

    3. DoughyCookie


      no no.. we no let it get sticky.. just slippery

    4. Vanity


      Ohhh very good, very good.

  9. Vanity

    End-Game Content

    Maybe a very slight damage nerf then a moderate eva nerf. I'd hate for it to be too easy. p.s.- HI ZEPH!
  10. Vanity

    End-Game Content

    Do the mobs in Thorn Cave one shot everyone or they're relatively easy to tank, just hard as hell to hit? I need to start playing more since I quit my job lmfao
  11. Vanity


    This post makes me moist...
  12. Vanity

    Suggestions for 105+ Gameplay

    So in one sentence to sum up the essay.... Make it harder, not more time consuming to get shit done, but not impossible to the point it gives us nothing to do besides sit there being pissed off we wasted the charm to do what will never be done.
  13. Vanity

    New Map

    I like the idea. Brings everyone together and makes leveling a bit less complicated. Instead of having to search for help or a sign of existence, it's all given to us in one convenient location. Plus, it's a new idea which is always exciting.
  14. Vanity

    A to Z

  15. Vanity

    A to Z

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