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  1. What to do what to do...

  2. Skylite

    Lucky Capsules

    Ehh people usually don't botter with T4, scrolls wise it's ok/fine~ But potwise kind of useless. Though at the moment no one is getting anything because they're broken~
  3. Skylite

    Lucky capsules

    Type of bug (Graphical, Text, Game, Other): Game Time of Occurrence: When trying to open a lucky capsule Location: Roumen? Character Name: Skylite Screenshots: None How to recreate it: Try to open a Lucky Capsule Description of bug: Opening Lucky Capsule's doesn't work, nothing happens. Can buy them but not open. Any other information: -
  4. Skylite

    Lucky Capsules

    Seperating T5&T4 works, keep in the bad stuffies as regen pots for 'luck' chance. Fine by me.
  5. Skylite

    Lucky Capsules

    No one uses T4 pots, when they can use T5 pots, and people below T5 level usually don't have extra cash laying around for capsules anyhow, Regeneration pots are useless, doubt anyone uses those. They go straight to NPC~
  6. I hate wearing pants.

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    2. Luna


      Wear skirts!

    3. Skylite


      I don't like wearing skirts in public because usually 1 of my kids will go hide under them, which can lead to awkward situations ;c

    4. masterifox


      Hmmm i hate wear in pants too

  7. It's only for jewels / badges, not gears. I dont know if this makes a difference. But in my experience new players don't enhance badges/jewels and focus on gears first. Now again; I don't know if these are 2 seperate enhance rates :x
  8. What Lumpy just said~ he explains it way better than I do.
  9. Not when all eyes are used~ But if no blue eye is used, the rate of an item actually downgrading isn't high. You get more upgrades than downgrades even without a blue eye, not even speaking of 'normal fails'. o:
  10. Hi there~ I didn't check if this was suggested before, so if it was, apologies. Before I start explaining my suggestion; I have only talked to a few guildies about this so more peoples opinion on this would be nice before a final decision is made~ For the last few days I've been farming jewels, trying to enhance them, getting the best stats possible. Now, not every player does this, the more experienced once to try to downgrade to get the stats they want. ( Ofcourse, you need to have the extra cash laying around to do so~) Example; Good mage rings, get +3str on it, try to downgrade so the str goes away and maybe get int instead. However, while trying to do this on Core, I've noticed you actually have more chance of your jewels being upgraded instead of downgrading, even when only using a red eye. This is my last few tries for instance. The first upgrade was +str. Which was ofcourse horrible, so I tried to downgrade with only a red eye. It upgraded again and str again ._. ~ So then I was able to downgrade twice, no biggie there.. But then, 2 Successes again, of which the last one was bad stat, so.. tried to downgrade. Item enhancement failed. No issue. Get more stones~ Still trying to downgrade; It upped, failed but not downgraded, upped again... so that's 3 downgrades I have to try and accomplish... More chance of making it an all str badge. Now I know this is a long and boring story to read, So in short; Enhancement rate itself is fine, Fails are fine, ups are fine, However, I'd like to see a little more % to downgrade if not using blue eye on jewels/badges, just for those people who like to put work in getting good stats :c. Sorry for the long post~ Thank you if you've read this far.
  11. Skylite

    KQ Time!

    Judging on what's said above, a lot of people want Gordon Master. Maybe KKP too? It's fun to do with all the mini bosses.
  12. Skylite


    Welcome back ;3
  13. As a newer player, I've heard lots&lots of good things about the Snowflake event, leaving me wondering what we missed before. o: So I'm totally digging this idea :3.
  14. Welcome! :3 Hope you find some nice people to hang with. ^^
  15. Skylite

    KQ Time!

    Yes, yes yes! That feeling when you get an item required to find Gordon and peops got to listen. <3
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