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  1. Dope

    [EVENT] Onyx Crown Race

    Not true actually I can make 15g on my alt from elrues in 30 minutes o.o... Oh But thanks to the Rollback, I lost all my money and gear and items. Thanks
  2. Dope

    Item Mall Suggestion!

    Hello, I would like the Alchemy Speed Increase Scroll (7 days) added to the Item Mall, or In game. It would make elrue making faster and I notice it helps a lot. Leave your Opinions .
  3. Dope


    Well atleast make elrues 100s a stack.. I have made around 4k Elrues and only made around 10g...
  4. Dope


    I feel that the server economy relies on elrues too much and should open up to Saps As well. Elrues is more of a Job then an activity, and on other servers that I've played on Saps and Elrues are The Best starting options to make money. If not adding Saps as a profitable money source, atleast increase the sale price of elrues to 100 silver a stack.
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