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  1. Sync

    Drop a selfie of your toon

    Posing like boss (read cutie)
  2. Sync

    Core Fiesta PvP Video

    Nice vid, why didn't he use s/s tho? And it's really nice to see that the 110 knight skill works so well PS: I don't have high level charas on Core
  3. Sync

    S> Anything in the world

    Do you still have any 46/49 gears that are statted well?
  4. Sync

    Can't play after patch

    I fixed it, I didn't uninstall properly. Thanks again though ^^
  5. Sync

    Can't play after patch

    Somehow it didn't work.. And I also deleted core and downloaded from the beginning also didn't work O.o
  6. Sync

    Can't play after patch

    Thank you, quick response <3
  7. Hello, I just tried logging in trice after patching and when I typed my password and pressed start it gave me the error ''Your files have been modified, please reinstall your client and try again'' Is there another option else than reinstalling the game?
  8. Sync

    What language(s) do you speak?

    Wow, ben je serieus? Tu parle plus de langues que moi et ma meuf ensemble... Respect though if it's legit.
  9. Sync

    Bet PVP.

    Come at me bruh, gear a 36 and in the meantime gimme 2 weeks to make 50G.
  10. Sync

    Bet PVP.

    Bring it on nigga's. 1G bet 1v1 36 F :Sync_ 2v2 battle Bet: I don't care. Partner: 36 Archer:Ayumi
  11. Sync

    PvP bets

    Where's the original post? :c
  12. Sync

    Decrease KQ exp

    Robo fo sho please. c:
  13. Sync

    Robo KQ

    30 minutes for a pair of earrings is pretty silly. I like Ghost's idea, this would make it much easier even if the drop rate would be worse than kq.
  14. Sync

    Robo KQ

    So would I. Fix it please
  15. Sync

    Green House

    Thanks Infinite! Haha well sorry MrFarbod, now you make me look dumb ;c
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