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  1. Dex


    My dick is so big it has its own dick. And even my dick's dick is bigger than yours.
  2. Dex

    Bet PVP.

    Lol, now get the fuck out of here.
  3. Dex

    Bet PVP.

    Para, there are many other ways to make money, go make a thread about it. 15% commission isn't too much to ask.
  4. Dex

    Bet PVP.

    The main reason for no charms is that not everyone has the opportunity to obtain 70% charm, but in a guild match to increase the chances of win, it's mostly like for guild mates to help each other with 70% charms.
  5. Dex

    Bet PVP.

    Charms are allowed in guild battles because of the high amount of people in the match. It will be a waste of my time to check if everyone is the guild match isn't charmed. And thanks for pointing out extenders. Extenders are allowed.
  6. Dex

    Bet PVP.

    Zephry, what do you mean by 'Why charms? No pls.'?
  7. Dex

    Bet PVP.

    Ahhh, good point Fitz. I'll update the first post.
  8. Dex

    Bet PVP.

    Welcome to Bet PVP. What better exciting way to make money while showing off your prowess and expertise in PVP? None. To be a participant, leave your character's name, class and how much you want to bet for the PVP match below in the reply section. After that is done, any player interested in fighting you can accept your challenge by leaving their character's name, class and matching up your bet, as easy as that. Duo battles are acceptable too, even a full out guild VS guild match. Rules The place and time of each PVP match will be decided by me. Showing up longer than 5 minutes after match time will be an automatic loss. Using charms are illegal during battles except on special occasions. The PVP match will be based on the first player to get 3 kills. If a player goes offline during a battle for more than 10 minutes, that will be an automatic loss. Money will be refunded if an opponent isn't found after 3 days. Charms are accepted during guild battles. Extenders are allowed during battles. 10,000 coin will be given to the first player to get a 10 win streak. People will be accused of cheating during these battles and some people will cheat. I will be present as the referee in each match, if you suspect your opponent of being charm, do not hesitate to inform me. I will be the judge to confirm if the accusation its true or not. Bet PVP layout Character name : Dex Class : Sharpshooter Level : 105 Any additional information, you want to add should go below. For example is you want to have a duo PVP battle, the name, class and level or your partner should be included too. That goes for guild wars too, the names, classes and levels of participants in the guild war must be included. This is crucial for battles to be clean and fair. 85% off the total bet goes to the winner, leaving 15% as my commission.
  9. Dex


    I'd like to join your guild. I am a 105 wizard. My character name is Room304
  10. Dex

    Queen Bitch

    Do you watch Naruto?
  11. Dex

    Increase cap

    Knock knock.
  12. Dex

    Increase cap

    Charlie FFS stick to what you started, don't get scared of because people don't accept your idea.... Dronenn I couldn't explian it better, you were right on point. People need alternate weapons, gears and jewels that isn't from Male. Right now if you're not in a decent guild, your chances to get a decent weapon or gears are extremely slim. 110 cap opens a new gate, it opens the 108 gate, 108 gears and weapons. They might not be as great as Male but good enough, it's easily obtainable to any player in need of it.
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