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  1. Valiant

    Deviant's Randomness

    Some saggy vag creep.
  2. Valiant


  3. Valiant

    Excision's Buying.

    ML or SL pants: 4x end/dex+ 4x str or 4x spr would be a plus. SL Top: 4x end/dex+ 4x str/4x spr+ would be a plus. ML or SL boots 4x end/dex+ 4x str/spr+ would be a plus. Would be nice if you mentioned which class.
  4. Valiant

    Exp lost zone

    Because, it's hard to get on a mount and travel like 5 feet to restone.
  5. If you play Dragon's Nest, or want to, PM me. :c

  6. Valiant

    Pvp KQ~

    Compared to me, you're second. :*
  7. Valiant

    Pvp KQ~

    Put the prize for PvP KQ as a rare aura. (10% chance to get one) That way, people can join and try to get it.
  8. Valiant

    What's ur highest DEF?

    :c 12k as a Wiz.
  9. Valiant

    Authentication fail

    That's because, the pics haven't been sent yet.
  10. Valiant

    Authentication fail

    Tell her to patch it. If that doesn't work, send tit pics at [email protected]
  11. Valiant

    Perms Lair

    Selling: 45 Vanish Top: 10 END 14 INT (+9) 45 Vanish Pants: 14 END 5 DEX (+9) 45 Vanish Boots: 22 DEX (+9) 46 Mage Helmet: 14 END 16 DEX (+4) 50 Blue Wand: 19 END 13 INT 24 SPR (+9) Buy as a set, it'll cost a lot cheaper. Whisper me an offer in game or here. IG NAME: Valiant/Audacious/xAudacious
  12. Valiant

    Mages Useless

    It's 17-20k. Also, not ML staff and I'm a Wiz. :c
  13. Valiant

    Mages Useless

    :c Not after you gear the hell up with this instance.
  14. Valiant

    Mages Useless

    Not sure if it's me, but Mages are basically useless in PvP. Why? Well, obviously anyone can easily obtain OP M.DEF Malephar gear, while Mages still have their M.DMG. Here's how much I hit a friend in FBZ. http://prntscr.com/3a3tfh My DMG isn't even that low. http://prntscr.com/3a3uwa Malephar instance has just fucked us Mages over. GG.
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