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  1. iColapse

    T> Knight gear for glad gear

  2. iColapse

    T> Knight gear for glad gear

    Hi peeps. Im trading my knight gear for glad gears. SL Pants= str+46 end+20 dex+15 +9 Helm= End+58 dex+11 +9 Shield= Str+52 End+52 dex+2 Int+26 Spr+50 +9 1h= Str+26 End+59 Dex+50 Int+34 Spr+30 +10 ML Boots= Str+15 End+45 dex+46 Int+44 Spr+23 +9 Helm =str+4 end+33 dex+28 int+26 spr+22 +0 Top = Str+36 End+42 Dex+55 Int+51 Spr+35 +9 1h = Str+33 End+70 Dex+76 +0 Shield =Str+67 End+53 Spr+55 Rest Badge +9 Str+34 End+39 Dex+59 int+2 spr+3
  3. iColapse


    New content pls
  4. iColapse

    New Blood~ :D

    Hi my name is David
  5. Ramcialz <33

  6. iColapse

    What's ur highest DEF?

    ?????? Spawned
  7. iColapse

    Protect and Resist are bugged

    Protect and Resist (both Cleric skills) should give more def, M.def, M.dmg, dmg w/ more peoples in the party but it doesn't My def w/ 2 additional party members http://prntscr.com/3aokvt http://prntscr.com/3aol1z My def w/ 3 additional party members http://prntscr.com/3aol8e http://prntscr.com/3aolb1 It's also bugged w/ 4 peoples should give 60% more deffense w/ 4 additional members
  8. iColapse

    What's ur highest DEF?

    Hi peeps it's me David (sun) LOL. I wanted to see who the highest def has. and who can beat my def :]. http://prntscr.com/3aoie6
  9. iColapse


    Gtfo w/ a rollback I just enhanced my shit
  10. iColapse


    Bye I wont miss you <3
  11. iColapse

    Class Balance

    Get aim~ I rarely miss the SS w/ the highest Eva
  12. iColapse

    Would you want a server with...

    Idk ? :l I bet they changed something on auto attack ;c and if you already planning on changing files raise the cap to 110 or 115
  13. iColapse

    Would you want a server with...

    Im sure that you can't stack, Gamigo removed stacking with the Crusader files. -re-add stacking -Delete Crusader they're worthless as shit and I would like them :l
  14. iColapse

    Would you want a server with...

    NO I dont want it, because - You can't stack - Crusaders suck D
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