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  1. crucial

    Sneak Peak - Death Knight

    lf that aura on weps
  2. crucial

    Bet PVP.

    Bet 50G godtic kill any1
  3. Ramcialz <33

  4. crucial

    Secret Lab new bugs Found

    Dash or blink downstairs also dont afk in one spot it'll glitch if you take too long to start a room with a timer on it
  5. crucial

    Cap Raise Needed

  6. crucial

    What are some good Animes to watch :3?

    watch gurren laggan #1 anime
  7. crucial

    What's ur highest DEF?

  8. crucial


    LOL pretty cute that all you see here is maj/deviant going emo its always a classic to see them mad on forums ;*
  9. crucial

    Patch Log #024 - 14 Apr 2014

    emorah LOOOL so cute
  10. crucial

    Would you want a server with...

    they removed stacking cause they consider stacking a bug while they were and still in the process of fixing all the bugs. its the same reason why they changed stifle too
  11. crucial

    Class Balance

    make concussive charge rate lower for fighters we dont need a gaymigo concussive charge on here :l
  12. crucial


    idm waiting and i rlly dont mind the 10min cd going away
  13. crucial

    Sneak Peak - Shard Skins (New Raid)

    skins on crack lf skin raids 8D
  14. crucial

    Bugged beast set :l

    U nigs dumb as shit LOL
  15. Nah those accs gone qq since the rollback making the game 5 days younger
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