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  1. Pyrexia

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to core, we'd love you even if you were a dolphin attracted to pandas <3 -Xerxes I love Majestic and stuff
  2. Got back to where i was before, and better couldnt have done it without the awesome community, Thanks -Peace-
  3. So far, we haveMe = TricksterSythe = TricksterBarett= Tanky fighterMoleman= ClericMinnie = ArcherAxel = Fighter (future glad)Daydoe = MageWe need three more people or so, so we can split into two parties :3
  4. Lol hey Mole :3 iPuncture here XD
  5. Sure, a mage and cleric would be needed too, since there are two tricksters here, a mage is a must after level 75 :3
  6. There are certain people who only started within the last five days. And since everything in the last five days is gone, so are our accounts, a few have reached level 105, made money, gear, everything. But now since you have literally nothing, not even your account, I suggest you make one and level with the other players who have lost theirs. For everyone's information, I'll be making a level 1 Trickster, named Xerxes. Add me, so we can level together. (PS: I'd love a mage levelling buddy :3 )
  7. Too squishy to solo grind lol. tf do i do! :3 8 levels to cap :D

  8. Pyrexia

    500 Internal server Error

    I was playing Core last night, everything was fine, I logged out and went to sleep. I woke up this morning and i click the launcher like always and an error pops up. I googled it to see if there's something i could do, i checked the FAQ and everything as well, didn't find anything about it anywhere, but this happened to me before on another game, and I know that it happens to multiple people. So i asked my guild on skype, another person responded saying it's happening to him as well :3 Help please?
  9. Lmaoo! You play core?! I didn't know thaat, well add Xerxes when you're in game next time! <33
  10. Chevy was his name on another place i know him from haha :3 Thank you everyone the community is really nice, I'm level 63, its 3 am, imma go to bed haha :3 Name is Xerxes if anybody wants to add me or something!
  11. Haha hey to you too Planning to perm here man, Loads of people coming!
  12. I see the bulge in your signature Chevyy :3
  13. Hello, My name is Naren, I'm 19, and I'm from the continent of Asia, although I've been living all over and moving all over, (which sucks!). I started playing Fiesta on November 10th 2009 on the North American server, had a wonderful time on there, no point in complaining about anything there though! What's happened has happened, and I'm here now to have fun, planning to cap a spectre and perm at 66. Who's with me on this! I literally know only two people on here haha :3 *Need friends!*
  14. I feel like a Zombiee.

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