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  1. Castiel

    [EVENT] Free Item Mall Coins

    Ok thanks .
  2. Castiel

    What are you listening to?

    https://youtu.be/eYMr-SDmjHE not really sure how to embed a video directly into the post, but here you guys go
  3. Castiel

    Easier Elrue [1] Selling

    I agree with you guys valid points. . This was a productive chat im proud.
  4. Castiel

    This or That

    Pizza!! (But im a vegetarian so...) Summer or Winter?
  5. Castiel

    [EVENT] Free Item Mall Coins

    I am confused on which Core Fiesta page it is. I liked it and commented on the page but the one I see only have 169 overall likes. My name on there is Jared Gartrood.
  6. Castiel

    Map is Under Maintenance

    Self Explanatory. The thingy keeps telling me the map is under maintenance
  7. Castiel

    I'm Hoooooome!! /o/

    Herro . This post is super kawaiiiiii
  8. Castiel

    [EVENT] Design a Costume

    I love Serus' idea
  9. Castiel

    Shield Skins

    We have stats on weapon skins so why not on shield skins?
  10. Castiel

    Hello Everyone!

    I am obsessed with both of those animals!! ~fangirls~
  11. Castiel

    Shield Skins

    There is a crown drop? What drops it??
  12. Castiel

    [EVENT] Design a Costume

    That is pretty awesome. I would buy this costume if it came out
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