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  1. Salt

    Weekend EXP & Drop Rate Boost

    Sunday is the first day of the week, also in all MMO's when they have this kind of event they usually start on friday because most of the young lads dont have work or school next day, so they can pretty much stay all night long in games, same for saturday but sunday they cant! cus they have to continue with their labors on monday, so yeah. sunday is when the week starts and saturday when the weekend starts and also ends. PS: in America, UK, Even Asia, they follow this metod...
  2. Salt

    What's New on Core?

    what about the wings??
  3. http://prntscr.com/517kb0 Let's cherish this moment since it'll only last maybe another 2-3 hours. hahaha
  4. Salt

    Patch Log #022 - 16 Mar 2014

    how do you get the malephare mount?
  5. then please make Natures Protecction 100% sucess rate so ppl dont cry about this, and also as an archer it disturbs me not kite mobs with a calss that it was created to kite or do distance dmg, still im aware of what you really mean about distubing ppl kiting with a class that it wasnt created to kite liike for example knights. now pls to help me lost agro next time and this glads can DD with Vitality on and Violence taht increases the insane amount of damage and still im not justifing the fact they are the highest dps class in game. but making natures protection at least will help me lost agro and not be kiting the mob to survive, and no im not gonna stand still and let the mob kill me or leave the map. thank you.
  6. the thing is that the only ppl getting disturbed are you and your glads because you need to stand still to hit the mob, but hey if you wanna stand still use your mock or teach your tank how to actually tank, once again i appreciate your support on deciding or at least agree on Natures Protection 100% success rate.
  7. suprise! once again you are looking like noob!
  8. 1.- Read the topic title 2.- Make productive comments about it instead acting like a 5year old like you said. 3.- i dont even know you and trust me, i dont really care about what you do in game but ill appreciate of you making a productive comment and forget about this guild tag you have only cus im from Deviant 4.- Yes i wanna beat you and your whole guild, the same way you guys wanna beat us, thats kindda cool if you think about it.
  9. Are you an admin? i dont think so, FadbodD is so yeah ima call him when i touble with stuff in game, cus i mean he might know or at least he will try to find a way how to fix it tho. next time you become an admin than yeah reffer to me Thanks for your comment.
  10. Gladiator its not the only class in game.
  11. 4th Please do something about it because now all this war between guilds its starting to be out of control, not to mention th 90% of Arrogant Ego Gladiators that cry when they dont win.
  12. i clearly took agro from a glad party, idk if the glad party was a live of dead, thats not my problem, yes speed scrolls makes you run faster and in my case they help me stay alive, also OD you so bad its the only option we have to complete our goal on raid, and pretty much its your guild goal, its called competition, cus at the end gear drops from the 3 bosses inside there, and i think thats what makes the game a little bit fun and a reason to play it, cus otherwise i would be playing something diferent. i appreciate your comment. thank you.
  13. i wasnt born 100% American US, still pretty good from a Mexican
  14. 15. Kiting world bosses or any type of major boss with the intent of disturbing someone else or giving them a disadvantage can result in a ban or jail time. Earlier i pulled agro on my ranger (YOLO) from 5 Glads on raid and i had to run to survive, they also said if i have agro i should 1 stay still and die 2 leave the map all of this because its against TOS to kite i understad that would be kindda annoying if a a knight spams their agro skills and run arround the map, that makes a disadvantage for the other ppl. but heres the thing and im calling you MrFardbodD (specting an answer from you). 1st i would be glad if you can help me with my problem because this thing its getting annoying 2nd im an archer and if kite its forbiden i dont see the point of me doing good dmg on a wold boss and than me had to stay still to die/leave the map and make my dmg useless untill i get a rev/tear and start dps again also not to mention this is a disadvantage for my class. 3rd i wasnt specting me getting agro from a full Gadiators Party but in consideration i would be gald Natures Protection will be 100% success rate when i have agro, so i can actually dps with out having to worry about me dying, ofc if this happens and other archers get the agro this is gonna be a mess and the agro will be constantly pass to another class randomly. 4th Please do something about it because now all this war between guilds its starting to be out of control, not to mention th 90% of Arrogant Ego Gladiators that cry when they dont win. so Long Story Short: i was in malephare, i pulled agro as an archer, i use my skillsto lose agro, but i didnt want to die so i ran and ofc i dps cus its one of my classes point, and now theres members in game that im not gonna mention cus i have something they dont have, and its respect, that are trying to report me because i did what my class suppose to be doing even tho i use Natures Protection to lose agro, so yeah. Thanks For your attention. And please fix this and clear our minds by telling you waht its right to do and whats not.
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