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  1. What happened to all these grannies?
  2. we need a lame game to play together agin
  3. Bye Core. If Only There Was Someone Out There Who Loved You..

  4. You should have known better once you decided to develop the server and make it public, it’s not all about hobbies and fun anymore. You need to deal with complaints, reports and everything from people who is using your services. You’re involved with this thing called “community” No more hobbies no more fun. If you want to keep this server as your free time fun thing to do,it’s better to make it just for yourself and admins maybe? xD Yes, you’re fine with this low population. Yes you don’t care about playerbase anymore. Yes giving us such unprofessional answers sure a thing. But remember, you’re the owner, you decide what’s the best. ONLY YOU can control how things work on this server. Meh..I like this pvt server but guess nuthing gunna change.
  5. I only stay cus of my friends and theres no other new MMO thats good and worth enough to play. This server actually not bad. But meh. Wat do. Gonna be the 1st and the last Fiesta pvt server for me I guess. ~
  6. We need something to do in this server. No cap raise yet you said :c. Mmmkay. That's fine...we can wait. But this server is slowly dying 8D Idek why I still playing lol (jk I stay cus of my friends). I don't think it's okay when only 3 ppl trio-killed ML after server got restarted. And I don't think it's okay to see the population stay below 40 players online most of the time. N U T H I N T O D O That's the problem. That's the reason why. Cap Raise isn't the only solution. Think of an event or sth or add some new stuff that actually will make ppl go like.. "Ow chit Core added this and that..I should try it" Maybe those 4 new dungeons? And let em be like pre-capraise stuff to make ppl comeback LOL. Or maybe a mini event...an official one. Where you announced about it 1st in forum before actually do it in-game. List down the rewards. Time/Date/Venue. Not like that surprise "Hide and Seek" event where only few ppl were online by that time and only few ppl were actually had a chance to participate. I understand the staffs are busy with school/work and their rl stuffs atm v.v But still.....you can't use that as an excuse to ignore the fact that this server is slowly dying. Been already 2weeks......we done waiting ._. k, thats all.
  7. Neil

    Cap Raise Needed

    No more fanfic abiout me, Oppa e___e
  8. Neil

    Neil's Buy/Sell

    added a ranger pantsu.
  9. Neil

    Cap Raise Needed

    WAW...u ruined my kdrama.
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