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  1. Fawn

    New Map

    A great idea!
  2. yea I'm pretty much outy too~

  3. Fawn

    Server is dying. S.O.S.

    and thats the T
  4. Fawn

    Server is dying. S.O.S.

    Agreed, we play because we like the server clearly. But if he doesn't give us a reason to be active than we wont be.
  5. Fawn

    Server is dying. S.O.S.

    It's hasn't been non-stop complaining and bickering, only the last 3 weeks because nothing is changing. Also this is a load of shit I can probably go around this forum and site examples of people being appreciative of changes or help.
  6. Fawn

    Server is dying. S.O.S.

    Because plain and simple we don't have to stay here and be bored. People threaten to quit so you'll hurry the fk up and release stuff so we can keep playing on a pserver that we all enjoy and love.
  7. Fawn

    Server is dying. S.O.S.

    Working on what exactly? I haven't been working on anything. You didn't quite understand that line, it means that it's almost been a month since the last update. First of all the intent of a private server is to offer things such as costumes and things that you would normally pay for, for free and to be able to experience everything at a faster rate than the original game, i.e leveling up faster. Custom content comes in way way way later. Secondly, If you play it right you can cap on official in several days or even a month, and if you mean content as in quests which are consistently kill quests and mostly repeatables at higher levels then that's not really anything to call content. Other than the odd dungeons here and there or KQ's which are barely even done on some servers. Maybe in your personal opinion. I as you know an actual player play for many different reasons mostly doesn't have anything to do with the leveling speed, lol. Custom content is a +. And no, no you can't clearly you haven't played retail. Maybe if you get plvl'd all the way. Even if it takes a month by plvl on retail it takes 3 hours to do here so that still proves my point. That's still more content than we have here. But frankly, nice attempt. Yes, we have a shop, but you completely missed my point, they are a company who are working and getting paid money which they use to feed their family with, pay their taxes, buy a house and have a life, you think me or any of the other staff could do that from what we make off of this and have you considered how much we make and how much we have to pay for the server? It's not like we're getting thousands of dollars a day, we'd be lucky if it was even ten dollars, everything is free or obtainable without having to purchase any item mall coins. And who's fault is that. "content handed to me in a packet" I have no idea what you mean by this, all previous weekly updates, were made during that week and previous, we don't have any content readily available, if that was the case I would release content every month. Clearly. The odin files is what I'm referring to, the files are all there all you do is edit. No one is stopping you. You do what you have to do. Most people haven't seen and don't know about the days when we had 0 players online, I wouldn't be surprised or shocked if it happened again, but that was when I cared about the playerbase. Oh, haha nice to see you say it out in plain text that you don't care about the player base. Professionalism at it's finest. *clap* EDIT: 20-40 players is still a lot to me, even if they do AFK in game. You guys are used to seeing a 100 players online but I am used to seeing 5/10 so that's why I don't have any problems with 20+ players online. OFC you don't. You're not the one raiding with 3 people. In conclusion he just doesn't give a fuck. Lolol.
  8. Fawn

    Server is dying. S.O.S.

    Neil is just a player it's not his responsibility to keep the server from dying, by owning the server that makes it yours. We understand that things like this take time, but it's been working on a month since the last update. Like I said millions of times, you might be busy irl but guess what, nobody is 1 month busy. The difference is that on the original server it takes like 1 year to reach 115 cap if you take your time. You can't compare this to retail because you can cap in 3 hours on this private server. They can live off their content because it takes a long time to experience it all where as on this server you reach cap in 3 hours and you sit with the content that we barely have. And most of us played retail so we're actually reaching cap on this server and experiencing the SAME content we've already played through on retail. Noit and Geo skins are the only 'NEW things' this server has. Also you don't need to refer to developing because according to you; you have content up to 255 so I don't see the issue. Also girl, don't come talking about not making money or getting paid. You have a donate shop. Fact is if you're going to have a hobby that involves an active community do things for them to keep them there or shut it down. If not then don't come making excuses pretending like you're not just being lazy to release content that's been quite literally handed to you in a packet. c8 Go conclude that forums event started by Luna that you'e been quite obviously avoiding. Stop afking at your in-game events and take advice of the feedback sections. There are a crap load of good ideas sitting around there. I'm like 1200% done with your excuses. Getting close to be 1200% done with this server.
  9. Fawn

    Cap Raise Needed

    LOL what you gonna be neil Kris 2.0 where u say u quit yet i still see u posting on forums e.e
  10. Hopefully they can help, we lose sleep for this gear. ;-;
  11. Fawn

    Cap Raise Needed

    Yup, raiding is the main event. After that I stand afk or alt tab until next raid. .__. We need something to dooo.
  12. Fawn

    GT bugs!

    When you pick it up it gives you the buff on your buff bars but doesn't show on your character. And then when the buff ends it 1 shots you and anyone in the area. ;___;
  13. Fawn

    GT bugs!

    I was lucky and didn't dc the whole time, but other ppl in guild did. D8
  14. Fawn

    GT bugs!

    Finally got the chance to participate in GT this week! Really fun brackets but there's some glitchy bits that need to be fixed! If you noticed anything in particular then please post it here! ____________________________________________________________________________ - If you start as the red team you start in the middle and not in your base. You can start capping flags and getting relics while the blue team is stuck in their base waiting for the like 20s timer for their gate to open. Obvious head start and could cause a win or loss. - Any poison debuffs from the relics restrict you from being able to mount. - I don't think slime is working properly, even when the debuff went off nobody was a slime and nobody's hp was effected from what I noticed. - The bomb is doing literally no damage, it's basically a self destruction debuff where you run around with it for nothing and then at the end you self destruct. LOL. You kill people at the very end when you self destruct but it's supposed to pulse out dmg to all surrounding friends or foes. - The Call to Arms aren't working, got the relic for it but no mobs appeared.
  15. Fawn

    A bunch of ideas thrown together

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