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  1. Parafrost

    My feedback for the Private server.

    you'll see why exp is x20 once you are level 110
  2. Parafrost

    Tower Blues drop rate

    fix tower drop rate 2k14.
  3. Parafrost

    Patch Log #025 - 30 Aug 2014

    oh ho ho nice.
  4. Parafrost

    Patch Log #025 - 30 Aug 2014

    dont forget to mention hallows are statless
  5. Parafrost

    Tower Blues drop rate

  6. Parafrost

    Tower Blues drop rate

    rants dont add 50% exactly. the creator of fiesta said it himself.
  7. Parafrost

    Estate and MDHC

    thats if ppl actually make perms (like 0 66 perms lol)
  8. Parafrost

    Issues/Balancing/Fixes/Ideas? Long list~

    Could take remove the mini pets from the npc so ppl can go search for treasure chests or wait for ppl to sell them. Ppl DO afk and make elrues 24/7 or farm. Gotta use that money some how since ppl lost interest in capsules and such. Adding hallows is a great idea imo. On retail, DDB was stunnable. DDM wasnt for 40-50 whatsoever on retail. Shield skins that are bought in the npc was rather a boring and dumb idea since they cost 2 much to even be useful and doesn't even show the glow of ur shield. Drop rate in Tower should return back to normal or be at 50%. Should also take out the exts/charms in the npc. This makes buying coins pointless af. Lazyness shouldn't be rewarded.
  9. Parafrost

    Change Non-NPC Mini Pets

    LF> md mini pet . Also i think the reason why they are useless is because there are npc pets ingame. If they werent ingame then they would be useful
  10. Parafrost


    what is this O_O.
  11. Parafrost

    Guild Academy Master / Guild Admin Privileges

    acad master should go to hks/mages who plvl ;c
  12. Parafrost

    Scarfed Cash Shop Buy/Sell Cheap but Reasonable.

    hes selling buffs oppa D:.
  13. I think the lower level mobs drop rate on lics needs to increase but mag/bbs is high af (1-2 lics in less than a hour of farming)
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