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  1. Extricate

    Neil's Buy/Sell

    Farm me 4x end/dex SL pants/boots/top glad <3
  2. Extricate

    Excision's Buying.

    Not currently, thanks though.
  3. Extricate

    Excision's Buying.

    Read the note pl0x.
  4. Extricate

    Excision's Buying.

    Currently, I'm buying these: Note: This is ALL glad. For the SL/MLs at least. ML or SL pants: 4x end/dex+ 4x str or 4x spr would be a plus. SL Top: 4x end/dex+ 4x str/4x spr+ would be a plus. ML or SL boots 4x end/dex+ 4x str/spr+ would be a plus. Intellect set, any stats. Shackle set, any stats. LN wizard top and glad top, any stats. Wind set, any stats. Leave me an offer/price with how much you'd like, please & thank you.
  5. Extricate

    S> skins and gear B> stones/gear/scrolls

    60 F shield 32end 23dex 31spr +9 c/o: None BIN: 30g This. If you still have this i'll buy it out. IGN: Kaetsu.
  6. Extricate

    110 patch

    Extremely op weapons and the jewels give 10% physical dmg for red each and 10% magic dmg each for blue. :l
  7. Extricate

    Stuff i'm selling/buying. (Pain.)

    Could you post your ign? I'd like to sell you it.
  8. Extricate

    Stuff i'm selling/buying. (Pain.)

    Offer noted. Thank you for offering.
  9. Extricate

    Stuff i'm selling/buying. (Pain.)

    Offer. I said that they're all up for auction, no buy outs until i find a price i like.
  10. Extricate

    Stuff i'm selling/buying. (Pain.)

    Offer noted. Will put as 50g separate.
  11. Extricate

    Stuff i'm selling/buying. (Pain.)

    Well uhm. I'm too lazy to make this pretty so. Selling: LN knight pants +0 52 dex SL knight top 20str 44dex 26spr +9 Glad SL boots 2str 27int +0 Glad SL boots 29str 9spr +0 SL 1h 59end 24dex 42int +0 100 OJ earrings 32end 21dex +0 SL spectre hat 15int +0 100 OJ ring 24str 34end 44dex 23int 29spr +0 SL ranger pants 7str 2end +0 SL wiz hat 8end 55spr +0 SL ranger pants 1end 35dex 38spr +0 SL warlock top 52dex +0 c/o: 25g SL knight hat 28str +0 Note: All guild members in Deviant will get a 25% discount on their purchase. All items are up for auction there is no buy out until I like an offer.
  12. Extricate

    Economic Problems.

    Be patient, I make elrues and still can make up to 50g a day which I truly don't mind. Plus I vend spare gear I don't need. So if you truly need money, farm instances such as DDM or LN. Then vend off the items you do not need. After your elrues of course though, since what money will you buy your gear with? :3
  13. Extricate

    Economic Problems.

    Farm OLT. Make an alt to sandbox elrue. nuff' sed.
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