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    Trickster -> Spectre
  1. nexusuchiha

    Members vs. Staff

  2. nexusuchiha

    110 patch

    Thanks for you replies
  3. nexusuchiha

    Patch Log #023 - 24 Mar 2014

    pls make the inventory expension bags available in npc stores
  4. hey, i am also going to make a new trickster named Scythe I'll add you
  5. nexusuchiha

    110 patch

    I started this game with a trickster (dual swords) I decided to make it a spectre because i thought that they have somehow added 110 skills that would be available at lvl 105 ( i was a noob). I just came to know that there are no 110 skills. so i decided to start this threat...
  6. nexusuchiha

    110 patch

    Hi ppl here, i wanted to discuss about the 110 patch. I got two questions in my mind for admins please answer. 1) is there going to be any 110 cap lvl patch or not. 2)if there will be a patch for 110 cap lvl then, will you also add 110 skills and other stuff like blue gears? please answer.
  7. nexusuchiha

    What language(s) do you speak?

    I speak urdu,punjabi,english and also hindi(not much) c;
  8. nexusuchiha

    [EVENT] Spam for Subscriptions

    Ten days more left till my exams over and my join in. and i have already made my character its name is " Scythe"
  9. nexusuchiha

    Core Fiesta

    i wish i would join in now but i got my exams in my way.... soo... i will join on 17 march. and my character is going to be a tickster with the dual swords but i'll not tell the name.
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