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  1. fluffyjamie

    Magic Blast nerf :/

    this be what most mages talk about XD its expected for glads to take fairly large mdmg hits but here the kicker (they donttttttttt!) can hit other mages, the mdmg/mdef class, harder than glads/knights , mdmg/mdef weak class~~
  2. fluffyjamie

    Wall of Shame

    hella great idea XD ~even though my temper may put me on it ^^~
  3. fluffyjamie

    Archer Suggestions

    eva will stay "buggy" if it was where 1.5 aim could never hit 2k eva then dex would be more op than any other stats. unfortanetly this does suck since the dex focused class gets a middle finger for pvp aside from ss blind/neutralize, but archers will always have their ups and downs same as every other class (except friggin glads ><)
  4. fluffyjamie

    Sneak Peak - Death Knight

    would actually prefer a bit of a give/take ordeal with it. drop mob dmg (not too much) and increase poison resist (not 100%) makes it to where archers cnt just kite but need a few other ppl. making it a bit easier but still beefing it up at the same time
  5. fluffyjamie

    Sneak Peak - Death Knight

    archers can actually solo all of dkl, ive proven it multiple times~ only difference is its a bit longer and nowhere near as fun
  6. fluffyjamie

    dispel field not working

    correct again a fitz ;o welp either way, still needs description fixed q.q confusing as hell
  7. fluffyjamie

    dispel field not working

    back to work my ditzy assistant, time to test if it is a debuff remover thats just wrote out wrong hope u can take a hit XD
  8. fluffyjamie

    dispel field not working

    yeah i got banned during OS times and never had a guard so cant tell ^^ maybe it is just that, either way its kinda annoying but really cant remember it ever removing a debuff either honestly
  9. fluffyjamie

    dispel field not working

    yeah im an idiot so dont know the tricks to make it look more professional, sorry anyways is as the topic says. guards dispel field is just a flashy waste of sp a special thanks to my rather ditzy assistant :3
  10. fluffyjamie

    Sneak Peak - Death Knight

    i retract my comment :3 i see the key now fun af once u learn how to beat it ermm..... well more its achilles heel really
  11. fluffyjamie

    Patch Log #025 - 30 Aug 2014

    YUSH!!!!! TY FAR <3
  12. fluffyjamie

    Sneak Peak - Death Knight

    whats his rates :?
  13. fluffyjamie

    Magic Blast nerf :/

    honestly yeah, played wl/wizz and noticed full dmg empowerment on MB with sun set still did less dmg than aoes :/ seems like a waste of sp except if ur just running like hell which even then u slow down and still not pump out enough dmg to make a glad/knight sit back for a second to stay alive. yeah it is easy to OP but as is on core its nerfed well beyond use, other than to try and get some extra dmg in on someone while their iced inside aoes. idk maybe its just me
  14. fluffyjamie

    Tower Blues drop rate

    quite some time between the like and comment XD in short, AMEN
  15. fluffyjamie

    Tower Blues drop rate

    consider yourself lucky, had a few 20+ run days while 50% ranted and got some PoS 3dex BG
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