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  1. Irix

    Idea list

    I dont know if i should repost it doesnt seem to interest people
  2. Irix

    Idea list

  3. Irix

    Idea list

  4. Irix

    Dungeon of Dread

    After plvling a friend today i wanted to suicide to loose exp cause as many people know i mostly play permanent char for the new instance as well.But when i went to suicide i realized that i was loosing only 0.33% instead of 10~50% i loose normally and it took me actually about 40 minutes of suicide to can go during 1h30 in CC to be back another 40 minutes at suiciding.
  5. Irix

    Sneak Peak - Death Knight

    I personally liked the challenge :x otherwise i would ask to nerf drop rate
  6. Irix

    Change Non-NPC Mini Pets

    you arent blind i guess
  7. Irix

    Change Non-NPC Mini Pets

    Fine something new to look out to buy
  8. Irix

    Change Non-NPC Mini Pets

    Actually its true those pets from chest are pretty useless they could be changed to maybe a +15 pet 3 days
  9. Irix


    I want to know if im the only one that wish that mobs in kq give 1 exp thinking that nobody use kq to lvl only to farm different items from chest and vault rewards Too sometimes i want to do kq for boredom with friend but cant cause of the too high exp
  10. Irix

    Pvp KQ~

    What about mix both idea?x)
  11. Irix

    Pvp KQ~

    Amazing idea i must admit Valiant x) maybe 4-6% drop rate tought like crown is under 1% and see how it being to be popular slowly(people start to sell gold crown) or even 1-2% but for everyone participant cause cleric life is hard in pvp kq and me as a perm if i do pvp kq i know my chance to finish first compared to alot of player
  12. Irix

    Pvp KQ~

    I personally would rather if he could take Selesnia files for pvp kq was hella fun and epic
  13. Irix

    Downgrade stones

    Maybe depending of drop rate of different jewels lowed at some point it would be nice cause i agree enhacement of ring go alot of time in str and int for same jewel and thinking the way a 60 orange jewels would do this it would be annoying cause of the low drop rate compared to lvl100 orange that seem a joke to drop
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