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  1. Advent

    The End of My Adventure

    Best of luck in your future endeavors. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you've put into Core. You'll be very missed, Helen. ♥ I logged on just to post this. :c
  2. Advent

    [EVENT] Design a Shirt

    K I tried. :c Lazy to make female version. :c
  3. >: I wasn't invited to the party.

  4. Advent


    Was I not invited to the party? ]:
  5. Advent

    Sneak Peak - Death Knight

    ;c That's why you have Spader. ♥
  6. Advent

    Sneak Peak - Death Knight

    Neat neat, but what's he doing in Malphar's lair.
  7. ↓ Wut she said.

    1. mucski


      Well since Farbod got the girl already .. waiting for you with open arms ;)

  8. Advent


    lol das qute.
  9. Advent

    Sneak Peak - Shard Skins (New Raid)

    ...The axe looks like a roosters head or is it just me.
  10. Advent


    That is all.
  11. Advent

    Selling Geo's

    ...>> Rita.pls.
  12. Advent

    Emoviant kites ML with reaper! D:

    Says the betrayer lawl. Thxs we got a life it's in game doe. <3
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