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  1. Tarah

    Archer Suggestions

    I get what your saying, archers could use some improving skills to better Pvp, but tbh, I have 2k eva regularly. And even though it's slightly lower than what you said, I make up the loss with my str build. And adding end/spr just makes me a little less squishy for the moves that do hit. I don't really think that archers have a problem with their eva, you just need to stack fast. And as for Natures Speed cooldown? o.o I've never had a problem with it. Just chain cast it, and use it for later a second time. Usually the Pvp match is over by the time it runs out. :3
  2. Tarah

    What are you listening to?

    I'm gonna swiiiiiing. From the CHANDELEIHEIIIIIR. The ChandeleHEIIRRR.
  3. Tarah

    Haay gurl haay

    I love Corpse Party btw
  4. Tarah

    Haay gurl haay

    I. Love. Your picture. Wherever it's from, it looks like Sachiku from Corpse Party. <3 Look for me ig, wanna see your cute character ;o
  5. Birds flying high, they know how I want to feel. The sun in the sky, makes it all real.

  6. Tarah

    Skill/ Mount

    Maybe you're equipping things wrong or something? o:
  7. Tarah

    As Requested By Brandon

    Drama drama~
  8. Tarah

    Suggestions on Improve population

    I like the idea of forced voting
  9. Tarah


    Hey ;c. Charlie Luhan isn't playing this server anymore. Neither does Kota Lol
  10. Tarah

    Mages Useless

    Lol.. Poor bae <3 qq What can you expect from a server of procrastinationnn~
  11. Tarah

    New class!

    Never got to play Crusader class :/ But I remember on any server I was on, they hated the idea of even adding tricksters to the server. Doubt anyone will want that class :/
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