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  1. martinflash2

    Sneak Peak - Aura Boss (New World Boss)

    ooo i support o.o
  2. Anyone want to run lab with me :/

    1. Valiant




  3. Got owned by Fitz in pvp :/

    1. FitzChevalerie


      Not like you were geared o.O


    2. martinflash2


      tryed to do lab but no one is there


  4. martinflash2

    New class!

    Heroic Class: Crusader The Crusader is the first heroic class which starts fully equipped at level 60! They are a hybrid class that use the mighty power of light and can support their group while dealing damage. Crusaders can equip special 2-handed blades. (When one of your characters reaches level 60, you will unlock this class and be able to create it on the same server!) Other FeaturesAt level 100 you can become a “Templar” through your class trainer quest and grow in your skills and power. 1. StrengthsCan heal Adaptable to different situations Is able to deal single target and AOE damage 2. WeaknessesYou will have to specialize on a play style to use the full strength of the Crusader 3. ArmorCrusader uses cloth and one metal shoulder plate 4. WeaponsBlades 5. Starting StatsLevel: 60 (can only be created if you have another level 60 character on the same server) Strength: 256 Dexterity: 153 Endurance: 155 Intelligence: 207 Spirit: 118 HP: 1177 LP: 100 STR (Strength) : Increases all physical damage, melee and ranged DEX (Dexterity) : Increases evasion and aim END (Endurance) : Increases HP and physical defense INT (Intelligence) : Increases magical damage LP (Light Points) : Consumed to use Crusader skills
  5. martinflash2

    Sneak Peak - Shard Skins (New Raid)

    look like a dragon been killed
  6. martinflash2

    Warrior skills

    Warrior skills repeatedly can be used more than one like devestation i double tap and it automatically been used twice...
  7. Why is it getting harder to level :I

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