[UPDATE] Notorious Bug FixMar 15 2018 4:27PM

As we near our 5th anniversary on Core Fiesta, I wanted to bring you guys another awesome patch. This patch brings to our server a unique fix which other servers who use the same files do not have! In this patch I have been diligently working on creating a fix for the infamous knockback bug which the 2011 files have been notorious for. I'm glad to say I have successfully created a patch which fixes this issue and it is currently live in the game! Along with this patch I would like to mention some previous patches. The Secret Lab bug was fixed, and bonus party exp was adjusted so now you gain more exp when in a party. Click here for the latest patch log.

[EVENTS] Snowflake ExchangeNov 21 2015 3:09PM

Christmas is here on Core Fiesta and we've prepared an assortment of fun, festive activities for you and your friends to partake in. Mr.Frost has invaded the towns of Isya, help the citizens by defeating the snowman menace and collecting snowflakes that you find, to exchange for cool prizes such as new skins, mounts, crowns and item mall items. We also have many other events lined up for December some of which include, hide and seek for those who are good at finding people, kill the boss for PVE enthusiasts, winter quiz for the more knowledgeable, fashion shows for the more stylish players and many more. Click here for all the details.

[EVENTS] It's a Core SummerMay 24 2015 3:29PM

First of all as a way of thanking our most loyal & active players, we will be awarding the first 3 players who reached the level cap. For Lv. 115, congratulations to 50Caliber, Salt & Skunk. Next we've got more customisation in stock for you. A completely re-designed beauty shop with five new faces for male and female characters along with several new summery hair dyes. We've also got a King Kong Event Phino invasion in stock and a Core #Selfie event. Stay tuned for summer!

[UPDATE] Succubus Queen KarenMay 17 2015 4:00AM

Have you heard?! It's all things 'Karen' as she returns from the darkness in our latest update. Here's just a taste of what's been updated: Karen drops, Karen weapon stats and enhancement limits, new Nightmare Queen and Karen Danish weapons, Karen costume accessories, level 110 abyss, and Ghosty, an all-new boss that drops the Core-exclusive 'Transparent' costume. Check out the full patch notes here.

[EVENT] Free Item Mall Coins May 04 2015 5:32AM

Fancy winning an easy 3,500 Item Mall coins? All you have to do is 'Like' us on Facebook! How simple. Prizes will be distributed every time our page receives 50 new Likes, so spread the word to all your friends and family members! To visit our Facebook page, click here.

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Server Time:

6:00:56 PM

Exp Rate:

Medium (x20)

Drop Rate:

Medium (x15)



  • 1. SirSnugglez
  • 2. o_Sarah_o
  • 3. Addam
  • 4. Executioner
  • 5. Bubby
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115



  • 1. HYXYDO
  • 2. iBubble
  • 3. Ricochet
  • 2714
  • 2610
  • 2495



  • 1. Eradicate
  • 2. WarPrincesz
  • 3. Extravagance
  • 37
  • 15
  • 15