[EVENT] Wealthy WeekendsMar 24 2014 1:33AM

Wealthy Weekends: For the next two weekends of March, treasure chests of goodies will be buried around major towns. These treasure chests might be filled with scrolls, enhancement stones, or even high-level dungeon gear! Get your search on and make sure to look about, you may just stumble upon one! < March 22 ~ March 23, 2014: All Day > < March 28 ~ March 30, 2014: All Day >

[EVENT] Rollback EventsMar 24 2014 1:15AM

To show our thanks for your patience during the issues we had with the old server and the lost data from the five-day rollback, we're going to be holding a number of events. We take pride in Core Fiesta and want everyone to enjoy such an awesome server. So don't forget to continue voting and spreading the word about our server. Let's work together to build a strong community!

[EVENT] Design a CostumeMar 21 2014 11:45PM

Don't think you can get a part of the event costume when the great big Event Phino invades Roumen but you do have some creative ability? Look no further than this event. You've got a chance to win the entire set by designing the best Core Fiesta costume! If I particularly like your costume and it is possible to re-create it, it may even find itself in Core Fiesta (with your permission). Click here to find out more.

Downtime – We’re Back up!Mar 06 2014 5:10PM

Recently, over several weeks we’ve been down for quite some time, at the moment we’re experiencing some trouble so if the server goes down please bear with us as we are trying our best to fix it as quickly as possible. The server is back up at the moment (Thursday 6th of March) and we will start working on patches again if everything is fixed so far. So grab your friends and come play!

A Guide to Core FiestaFeb 23 2014 12:56AM

As new players join some get the hang of playing straight away but we understand others may need some help, so our staff member [GM]Luna has put together a guide to get all of our new players started. From beginning till end the guide will give advice as to where to train and how to make money, if you've still got questions you could always check out our FAQ thread or ask players in game.

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Server Time:

9:45:45 AM

Exp Rate:

Medium (x20)

Drop Rate:

Medium (x15)



  • 1. o_Sarah_o
  • 2. Addam
  • 3. Slimeaphobia
  • 4. Bubby
  • 5. Kazuya
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115



  • 1. Ricochet
  • 2. mine
  • 3. BradZ
  • 2495
  • 2414
  • 2107



  • 1. Eradicate
  • 2. WarPrincesz
  • 3. Talos
  • 37
  • 15
  • 12