[PATCH] Balance AdjustmentsJun 24 2019

- Focalor Mini Pet will now give stats.
- Karen shield should now be only equippable by Knights / Paladins
- The price of some level 114 and 120 weapons has been adjusted.
- Karen Shield base physical defense has been increased from 1282 to 1506.
- Karen Shield defense rate has been increased from 10% to 12%.

[PATCH] Karen HotfixMay 16 2019

- Decreased the Untruthful Spirit weapon aim by 9%.
- Changed Karen weapon class requirement to appropriate classes.
- Updated the drops for Karen, Firepamelia, IncubusRock and IncubusAgole.
- Guild rename and creation now accept special characters again.
- Fixed a bug with the guild rename item which when used did nothing but was still consumed.
- Reverted skill hit time so that skills feel responsive again

[EVENT] Rollback BoostJul 16 2018 4:58PM

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to make the difficult decision to rollback the servers. We understand that this can be frustrating, and a lot of work and effort may have been lost due to this. We want to try our best to make up for this and consolidate our players, to do so we are holding a rollback event which will increase drop rates and experience rates by 200%. You can find out more infromation on our forums or our social media, specifically Facebook or Discord which we highly suggest you join so that you can stay up to date with any new information immediately. We want to thank you for all of your understanding and patience during this time.

[EVENT] Great Phino InvasionJun 13 2018 12:25AM

It's summer time again and the great phino has returned to ruin our summer one more time! When will he ever learn his lesson? He cannot defeat us! Lets kick off the summer with an awesome event, we are bringing back the fabulous Phino Invasion event from summer 2015 which was created by our now retired, but amazing staff member Luna. Hopefully it will be just as great! Kill the great phino who will be spawned in a random location and obtain an event phino vault which will contain exclusive and rare items such as the event costume, charms, boosts and more! So without further ado, lets get this party started! Click Here for more information.

A Fun CommunityMay 07 2018 12:14AM

The community is an important place for our players, that's why we make sure to try our best to keep it a fun and awesome community to be a part of. To continue keeping our community an enjoyable place to be a part of, we need your help to make sure that you have read the rules and make sure to keep yourself updated should they change. In addition to this, we are asking you to help us by reporting players who are breaking the rules and ruining the fun for other players, we want our community to be welcoming to new players and an awesome experience during playtime. Find out more about how to report suspicious players here.

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Server Time:

10:20:50 AM

Exp Rate:

Medium (x20)

Drop Rate:

Medium (x15)



  • 1. Vektor
  • 2. SirSnugglez
  • 3. o_Sarah_o
  • 4. Addam
  • 5. Kalistia
  • 120
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115



  • 1. HYXYDO
  • 2. iBubble
  • 3. Ricochet
  • 2714
  • 2610
  • 2495



  • 1. Eradicate
  • 2. WarPrincesz
  • 3. Extravagance
  • 37
  • 15
  • 15