A Guide to Core FiestaFeb 23 2014 12:56AM

As new players join some get the hang of playing straight away but we understand others may need some help, so our staff member [GM]Luna has put together a guide to get all of our new players started. From beginning till end the guide will give advice as to where to train and how to make money, if you've still got questions you could always check out our FAQ thread or ask players in game.

Patch Log #18Feb 19 2014 5:30PM

Patches every week! Sorry this one was a little later than usual but we’ve got a lot of bug fixes and updates for you! We’re trying to add more customisation for our players and this is why we’ve added more than several new hair colours and faces to the Beauty Shop. Secret Laboratory is now more convenient as well as the monsters drop has been organised into the separate armours parts. In preperation for the new instance, we've started to add the monsters and items. Read more on the forums: Patch Log - 18 Feb 2014

New Shops, New Lands, New MonstersFeb 03 2014 1:53AM

Here we go! The patch that I am sure everyone may well enjoy, while it is here. We’ve added a brand new item mall shop in game which should give players the essential items that would be needed in game, so you no longer need to buy them from the item mall. The Devildom Mines instance has been improved and the Geo Skins now have 10% aim! Dark Land map has been added and so has Malephar! Did I mention that level 100 oranges are back in? Get on and go kill some monsters!

[EVENT] Valentine's Day EventFeb 03 2014 1:37AM

Love is in the air this Valentine's Day –– just look at all the cards you were given by secret admirers! Can you decipher who sent each valentine just by their silhouette? The first three players to guess all of them correctly will win an exclusive custom costume not available in the shop - Valentine's Day Lingerie (30 days), and the Attendee rank on the forum!

[EVENT] Onyx Crown RaceJan 27 2014 8:24PM

Try your luck at the Lucky Capsule Machine beside the Guild Manager in Roumen and you might win a Gold Crown, Silver Crown, or if you're really lucky - the super exclusive Onyx Crown. These royal headgears are so rare that only one player has any one of the crowns (Hugs, Gold Crown). If you do win either the Onyx or Silver crown, prepare to win big: 10K Coins for Onyx Crown, 5K Coins for Gold Crown and 2.5k Coins for the Silver Crown.

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Server Time:

11:18:33 PM

Exp Rate:

Medium (x20)

Drop Rate:

Medium (x15)



  • 1. SirSnugglez
  • 2. o_Sarah_o
  • 3. Addam
  • 4. Executioner
  • 5. Bubby
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115
  • 115



  • 1. HYXYDO
  • 2. iBubble
  • 3. Ricochet
  • 2714
  • 2610
  • 2495



  • 1. Eradicate
  • 2. WarPrincesz
  • 3. Extravagance
  • 37
  • 15
  • 15