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Patch Log #046 - 04 Mar 2018

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Knock backs have been fixed! We are the only server with working knock backs.

- God's Benevolent now knocks the enemy away instead of paralysing the enemy.

- Power shot level 9 to 13 now knock back the enemy.
- The Archer skill Light Shot now knocks back enemies instead of paralysing.

- Force slash now knocks back the enemy instead of stunning.
- Binding Blow now snares both you and your target and pulls your target towards you.

- Ground strike now knocks back opponents instead of paralysing.

- Kebing Claws now knocks back enemies.
- Mighty Moe now knocks back enemies.
- Lab Monster 25 now knocks back enemies.
- Lab Monster 20 now knocks back enemies.
- Lab Monster 19 now knocks back enemies.
- Lab Monster 23 now knocks back enemies.
- Halloween Phino now knocks back enemies.
- Chimera now knocks back enemies.

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