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TOS - Game & Forum Rules

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Please take a moment to review these rules detailed below. By registering and playing Core Fiesta you hereby follow the rules that have been set in place for your and the communities safety. Rights to the amendments of the Terms of Service for Core Fiesta is reserved and will take effect immediately after the amendment has been carried out.


Remember, players may only be punished if there is such evidence that they have broken one or more of these rules. Make sure to regularly read the Terms of Service so you can keep up to date with the rules, to prevent any unfortunate bans.  Stay safe and help us make Core Fiesta an enjoyable server by reporting offenders using the ticket system.


Punishment Severity:

  • Green: Less Severe – Punishments include jails or mutes but may vary.
  • Orange: Severe – Punishments include jails, mutes or bans but may vary.
  • Red: Very Severe – Punishments include suspension of account/s, jails or mutes but may vary.

Green: Less Severe:

  1. Do not scam members of the community in game or on the forums.
  2. Do not warp during guild wars to prevent your death.
  3. Do not kill a player whom is away from their computer (AFK) during guild war.
  4. Do not steal mobs or any sort of kills from players who are levelling or farming.
  5. Do not claim spots in areas. Make sure to share or find another spot which is unused.
  6. Do not farm your player kill count; doing so will result in a player kill count reset.
  7. Do not prevent users from leaving the free battle zone by continually killing them so they cannot reach the portal.
  8. Do not share your account with friends, close relatives or anyone else.
  9. Do not start arguments or flame wars.
  10. Do not post on a thread older than 4 weeks.
  11. Do not double post or post similar content. Please use the edit feature to modify your post.
  12. Do not demand something of staff as they are in no way obligated to cater to any players.
  13. Do not spam post (posting about unrelated and unnecessary subjects or topics).

Orange: Severe:

  1. Do not advertise other servers or services in any form or shape.
  2. Do not camp spawn areas to kill players who have revived during a guild war.
  3. Do not war a guild which is raiding.
  4. Do not trade game items or currency for real-world currency.
  5. Do not kite world bosses or any type of major boss with the intent of disturbing or giving someone a disadvantage.

Red: Very Severe:

  1. Do not dupe or use any other methods to duplicate, replicate or artificially gain items in an illegitimate manner.
  2. Do not glitch or abuse game or website mechanics to gain an advantage or to benefit yourself or anyone else.
  3. Do not harass, discriminate, flame, hate, disrespect, abuse, give false information or ruin another player’s or staff's experience.
  4. Do not use hacks or programs to bypass security measures.
  5. Do not disassemble, modify or restructure the files within the client (excluding background and interface)
  6. Do not buy services from Core and then charge your money back.
  7. Do not post inappropriate content that is not family-friendly.
  8. Do not impersonate staff by any means. (Staff members can be identified by an [Admin] or [GM] tag in-game, and with a title on the forums.)
  9. Do not buy or sell in game goods or accounts for real life currency.

Shoutbox Rules:

  1. Do not post images or videos without the use of spoilers.
  2. Do not create an account to bypass your shout box mute.
  3. Do not spam the shout box.
  4. Do not overuse profanity to harass or target someone.
  5. Do not advertise any other server in the shout box.

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