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First and foremost, welcome to Core Fiesta - the best Fiesta private server out there! We're glad you chose to be a part of our community and I hope this guide will help answer any questions you might have as you start your adventure here.



  • Make Elrue at Material Merchant Balus in Roumen and selling it back to the NPC.
  • Killing monsters and picking up Silver, then selling it back to the NPC.
  • Enroll in a guild academy at Guild Manager Brom in Roumen — many academies give rewards for leveling up!
  • Find a monarch to get enhanced weapons and other rewards for leveling up.

For Advanced Players:

  • Sell green drops obtainable from high-level monsters to the NPC.
  • Sell rare sets and equips at the Marketplace.
  • Sell Item Mall items for money.


The exp rate on the server is about x20, and the drop rate is about x15. There is an exp bonus for playing in a party (even if they're not on the same map as you.)


  • Level 1 ~ 5: Roumen
  • Level 5 ~ 10: Forest of Tides
  • Level 10 ~ 20: Forest of Mist or Echo Cave

After you reach Level 20, go to Guard Captain Shutian in Elderine to collect your job promotion quest. Then travel to Grand Master Sean in Forest of Mist to begin your promotion.


Once you reach Level 20, it is recommended to level up at the abysses until level 70. The low-level abysses (20 - 50) can be reached by going to Forest Perimeter in Elderine. The higher level abysses (60 - 90) can be reached by going to Forest Perimeter in Uruga.


  • Level 20 ~ 30: 2X Abyss
  • Level 30 ~ 40: 3X Abyss
  • Level 40 ~ 50: 4X Abyss
  • Level 50 ~ 60: 5X Abyss
  • Level 60 ~ 70: 6X Abyss


  • Level 70 ~ 90: Guardian Masters in Burning Rock or Flaming Mine
  • Level 90 ~ 105: Black Bears, Experimental Subjects, Black Shadows and Origin of Life Tree in Alberstol Ruins

There is no guarantee that your weapon, shield, or jewellery will not break or fail during the enhancement process, regardless of item tier. Always use the enhancement bundles available at Cash Shop Merchant Seria in Roumen.





1. How do I do my Lv. 60 job promotion?

The Lv. 60 job promotion is a three-part quest. It's the same as on the official server except part three has been reduced from 10 minutes to 2 minutes.

  • At Lv. 60, go back to Grand Master Sean in Forest of Mist (the same one who guided you through your Lv. 20 job promotion.
  • You will be taken to a zombie-infested Roumen where you must defeat all 30 zombies.
  • Speak to Town Chief Roumenus in Roumen to begin part two.
  • In part two, the roulette must land on the same number you chose or else monsters will spawn. If you land on the correct number, the door to the boss will open.
  • After you've defeated him, talk to Town Chief Roumenus in Roumen again.
  • In part three, you must kill the monsters that are attacking NPCs Roumen & Elderine. Don't let them die!

2. How do I do my Lv. 100 job promotion?
The Lv. 100 Prestige job promotion is the same as it is on the official version. Below you will find a walkthrough of the steps you need to take to complete the promotion. Remember to read it carefully to avoid missing any steps!

  • Talk to Fire Stone, then Wind, then Tree, then Earth and then Water.
  • Talk to the Town Chief in Alberstol Ruins.
  • Talk to the Blacksmith in Alberstol Ruins.
  • Talk to the Skill Master in Alberstol Ruins.
  • Talk to the Item Merchant in Alberstol Ruins.
  • Talk to Town Chief Kiera in Alberstol Ruins twice.
  • Talk to the Town Chief in Roumen.
  • Talk to Lord Elbama in Elderine.
  • Talk to the Town Chief in Uruga.
  • Talk to Dark Elf in Forest of Mist.
  • Talk to Kid Woz in Elderine.
  • Talk to Town Chief Kiera in Alberstol Ruins twice.
  • Talk to Fire Stone, then Water, then Earth, and then Tree.
  • Talk to the Town Chief in Alberstol Ruins and choose your class. You will get a green server message for everyone to see your achievement.

To compare the skills of each prestige class, take a look at Mucski's prestige guide here.
3. How do I get coins for the Item Mall?

You will get coins every hour just for staying logged in! Re-log and the balance will update in the Item Mall. Alternatively, you're welcome to purchase coins using real money which will help us fund server costs and keep the game free-to-play!

4. Are there any rules on the forum or game?

Yes, there are a few rules that we expect our players to follow. You can see them all here: Terms of Service. Not following these rules may result in disciplinary action (possibly as severe as suspension of your game account).
Couldn't find what you were looking for in this guide? Try out the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions thread to find more tips. You'll also find answers to some of your technical questions if you're having trouble running the game. You're also welcome to reply to this thread with any questions you may have or suggestions on how to improve the guide. Thanks for reading and have a great time playing Core!

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nice guide, should put it in shoutbox so new players will find it ^^ i see pretty much all of these questions asked IG

yeah this should be bookmarked on shoutbox

Thanks for making these suggestions! You can now quickly reference this guide by clicking on the big green "Getting Started" button on the forum index (main page). It looks like this:


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Is the online free coins still counting? :o


Edit: it's working 50 coins per hour!


Yes, 50 coins per hour, if you're online and logged in.

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12 hours ago, lovegoddess said:

So I guess the shop merchant in roumen doesn´t exist anymore?


Hi there, it does but it has been moved slightly and given a makeover. If you had to the marketplace of Roumen in the bottom left and corner of the map you should find all the shops.

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