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  1. Ghost


    There isn't much proof of it being proven at this cap either when you consider the number of people outside of Deviant walking around with +11s is close to zero if not zero. Another thing he's failing to realize is that Deviant has been raiding against nobody for the majority of their time at the 115 cap. Deviant hasn't been "working from the bottom" they were never at the bottom. The closest they've been to the bottom would be last cap where guilds were a lot closer in power because of there not being a huge discrepancy between +11 and +10 weapons, simple.
  2. Ghost


    If I remember correctly they just came from Lucky House capsules.
  3. Ghost


    The only way for a guild without Chimera weapons to get them is to raid & out damage the current raiding guild at Chimera. Simple, right? No. Not only are Chimera weapons far better than 114 green they also are one of two weapon sets that can be enhanced to +11 meaning no matter HOW hard a guild tries to out damage you they simply can't. There is no magic trick, no strategy, no amount of hard work that can make a +10 green out damage a +11 orange. In short, anyone saying new guilds should have to "work up from the bottom" is delusional and wants the server to remain as it is where one guild sits at the top without competition.
  4. Ghost

    Beginner's Guide [Video]

    Covered In this Video - Free Stats - Academy System - Party Experience System - Master & Apprentice System This video wasn't too in depth but I didn't want to make it extremely long. This will be the first of a few videos aimed at helping players that are new to the server or Fiesta in general. If you have any suggestions for future videos or how I can improve them let me know.
  5. Ghost

    Patch Log #032 - 03 Jan 2015

    I'm mad late on this o_o but looks great, gonna log in later to check things out.
  6. Ghost

    What's New on Core?

    Cool to see you back .
  7. Ghost

    Voting incentives and further growth.

    "None of this matters" was directed at the voting incentives/etc, (It's already been done in the past on this server and didn't change much). I can see why you'd think Larger Population = Better Economy but the reality of the game in the current state is no matter how many people there are nobody will buy anything useless to them. So in theory if the server had 200 players right now it still wouldn't fix the economy simply because things like 50 Blues are so common, elrue can make you easy gold, noone will be in the 55 level range long enough to make use of any blues unless they're a perm, the item mall is free/ingame, and the only market that can exist in the current state is the high level market but even that isn't much of a market, yes you can make gems selling orange jewels for 1-10g, but there is no value in that money after you've finished gearing which is the point I'm trying to make. After getting a set, it's literally free to enhance, once you're fully enhanced there's nothing left. You don't need to spend money, make money, buy, or sell anything unless you want to. In an alternate universe however, where 50 blues were rare, there were no elrue, the Item mall was free but with a limit on how many bundles or items you can purchase a day, and so on, there is now a reason for a player to make a character to actually search for blues, there is a reason for someone to make scrolls instead of elrue, there is a reason for players to try making gold so they can buy bundles from other players, getting a set enhanced won't be as easy, and the end game content that is there will be more challenging than simply afking until you can enhance what you want. Money will be a lot more valued in this economy rather than the first because there is a level of trade going on that is universal, everyone will want scrolls, everyone will want bundles, everyone will want something, and with that demand, prices go up, things get more competitive, and that competitive aspect is what will attract more players, bring back old ones, and keep the ones that are already playing interested. Sadly, I think it's safe to say so many people are already enhanced and there are already so many blues because of the drop rate that there would need to be a wipe for any of this to happen.
  8. Ghost

    Voting incentives and further growth.

    Honestly I don't think any of this really matters. The big thing about the server is there really is no economy. Any blue equipment before level 100 with the exception of sets like Sun/Slash are next to worthless unless they are godly statted in which case a perm might be interested, but other then that it's really rare to be able to sell any casual statted gear. The reason this is so problematic is because perms who farm basic gear can't sell it very easily because most people are blasting through early levels and don't need them. These same people that blast through levels will eventually hit the point where they're capped, but also undergeared. This undergeared player then may find a few SL or LN pieces in the market with poor stats just to get the base def and think to themselves "Okay, I can just use these bad gears to farm better ones" but majority of the current capped players are already geared and don't need to farm any instances, making it near impossible for anyone to find an instance PT, and even if they can find one they may often get rejected simply because they are undergeared. So if this player can't find gear after capping, or a party for anything they often will just be afk in roumen or simply quit, make a perm, or other but often times will lose interest. This is where everything comes full circle and the population starts to drop. If perms can't sell their gear, nor find other perms to improve and compete against they lose interest, If undergeared capped players can't find parties or gear and are getting stomped by geared players in every aspect of the game they lose interest, If capped players who are geared have no competition and are simply assumed to be the best without really having any challenge, they lose interest. In my opinion this all stems from the lack of an economy, if there was more depth to it (I.E Scroll Shops/Perm Shops/Capped Shops/Mall Shops/Etc) then there would be more people considering what route they want to take when they start the game and people might have more of a reason to sell/buy things if they knew that they would actually sell and that gold was worth something. The problem is it's extremely hard for their to be an economy when every player has free access to the Item Mall simply by afking, which makes an Item mall market non existent, fast leveling rates make low level blues hard to sell unless the person is a perm, t3 - t5 scrolls would take a lot of time to create just to sell for 50 - 200s while you could just NPC elrues for the same if not more money in the same time. There are a lot of ways to fix this, but this post's already pretty long so I'll stop it here, but as a capped & perm player this is just my perspective on what makes people lose interest in the game.
  9. Ghost


    gl m8 ^^
  10. Ghost

    Sneak Peak - Death Knight

    The same blue gear that drops from Crystal Castle (Beast Set, Gaea Set, Shaman Set, Firmament Set, Oukalidin Set)
  11. Ghost

    Sneak Peak - Death Knight

    We did around 8 runs with this party; 2 Fighters (Fully +9 55 Sets) 1 Archer (+10 xBow) 1 Cleric 1 Mage (+10 Wand) Neither of us fighters could tank the boss and minions for very long even with a cleric + pots + scrolls, so the strategy pretty much was to have the boss aggro one fighter while the minions are aggro'd onto the archer. The archer just kites the minions while the rest of the party focuses down the boss. It worked out & most people liked the challenge . The only thing I could suggest to make it more popular is to give the minibosses a slight chance to drop 65 blues. In our 8 runs we only got 1 65 blue from the final boss while the rate for orange weapons was 100%.
  12. Ghost

    Patch Log #025 - 30 Aug 2014

    That looks like its being released with the level cap and it's counterpart which is for 10x, good update looking forward to trying out this new 5x-7x instance .
  13. Ghost

    Set effects not working

    I'll test out intellect set later, it was working fine the last time I tried it.
  14. Ghost

    The Connection has interrupted (Error)

    I'm no tech genius so I can't really explain what causes this but I have encountered this problem before and I eventually found a work around which was running the program through Sandboxie, you could give that a try and see if it changes anything.
  15. Ghost

    Sneak Peak - Death Knight

    when can we get married?
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