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    Good times. https://prnt.sc/7axxyj ( not my picture because I'm a lazy bum that doesn't screenie stuff.)
  2. MrOrbit

    Weekend EXP & Drop Rate Boost

    I believe most of the player base is located in the United States. The U.S adopts a Sunday first convention from various sources, therefore Friday is the beginning of a weekend. So your statement is invalid. If this event were to interest more players to log on during the weekend, wouldn't it be ideal to increase the numbers activity wise? This is a good idea, it'll convince more players to try to level.
  3. MrOrbit

    Patch Log #039 - 24 May 2015

    I love you.
  4. MrOrbit

    End-Game Content

    I cri everytiem.
  5. MrOrbit

    Patch Log #038 - 17 May 2015

    Farbod just loves to turn the server into an afk elrue making server, but wonders why his server is dead. 8^)
  6. MrOrbit

    Few bugs that may not be bugs

    9 end wiz boots op.
  7. Capped~ and took Soggy's place. Two birds with one stone.

    1. DoughyCookie


      Took my place back ty >:(

    2. dolphinsgal8


      ^ LOLOLOLOL.


      Gratzxc Cross!!

  8. MrOrbit

    Patch Log #032 - 03 Jan 2015

    Well there's still a chance now to OD the people raiding Chimera, if they have enough people. The UT situation right now is weird. By weird, I mean it's bugged. You can't enhance UT Weapons to +11 for some reason and the +10 bonus. So for example my UT Claws still get the same enhancement bonus as my Leah Claws.. Also, if you can't OD the people raiding now then the chances of anyone OD'ing later are very slim.
  9. MrOrbit

    [POP-UP EVENT] True or False?

    You caught me right as I died to Chimera
  10. The damage is M. Dmg instead of regular so the skill itself does not hit very high.
  11. Hey all, I'm returning back to Core about an absence of 6 months or so. I've been here for around a year and a half already. Was the first capped reaper back when the cap was 105 so that's something.
  12. MrOrbit


    Heyo, so I decided to come back since summer is approaching and I've graduated college, I actually have time to play games now. So just some quick questions. What has changed? Cap raises, lab finally here What's been happening in new patches(new gear?) And any decent guilds? Kinda would like to have my fully geared LN reaper(even though that's probably pathetic since this game has progressed so far) active in a guild.
  13. MrOrbit

    What's Up with This?

    So this guy just joined our academy, said he was gonna sell CS items that one of our members gave him, then accused this guild of duping. LOL. Message to people like "ExoticDupesStore", We, the people in this guild have money to spend and donate to the server. Collectively, we have donated quite a lot, which means a ton of Charms, Extenders, and Enhancement bundles. So yeah, don't accuse if you don't know anything.
  14. MrOrbit

    Count to 1 Billion!

    330 hue
  15. MrOrbit

    Do you watch anime?

    Watch Sword Art Online if you want tons of teenage love fluffyness
  16. MrOrbit

    Count to 1 Billion!

    328 ...
  17. MrOrbit

    Discussion on S> Powerlevels

    Another point that I'll make is that the wizzes in this guild make money from picking up drops. Add in another player who paid to join the pty, they get exp we get the drops.In terms of scamming I've seen other players try to sell ln gear that fails for over 5g. Now that's scamming.
  18. I don't see the point of my guild not being able to sell plvls to other players. It's a benefit to them, because we get money, they get a higher level. Higher levels mean they can farm for greens, which equals more money. Win-Win on both sides. Money making is NOT a problem on this server You can easily sell 108 geens for money to make enough money, quote Freddy from a topic. Freddy's logic means that money CAN be easy to make. I think of this as a service, a service that both sides of the party can enjoy. "If you pay me money I will level you up faster so you can become prestige and be happier." they aren't missing anything besides hours of boring grinding in the abyss, now I don't think anyone wants that. It's not like this is a burden to anyone in this guild, our wizzes are practicaly all gears with decent staffs, they don't realy have much to do. So why not aoe some Black bears or something to level up a player for some gold? I have seen people been plvled, mainly for free I see no complaints. Powerleveling will always be a thing as there are some lazy people looking for some quick levels, nothing more, nothing less. There will ALWAYS be lazy people whereever you go, even outside this game.
  19. MrOrbit

    Count to 1 Billion!

    324 I"m good at this
  20. MrOrbit

    Exotic's power leveling service.

    All of Cross' alts will receive complimentary plvling services in exchange for love and charms. Current Powerlevelers also Ardent SilentDawn Diablo Kana I think.
  21. MrOrbit

    My thoughts.

    At least 3-4.
  22. MrOrbit

    Patch Log #009 - 05 Jan 2014

    btw unlike you ;c most of the people who i know are playing from the united states ;c so we get high ping spikes and lag ;c you guys are probably all in the UK or something ;c so you don't really lag ;c the main reason why we don't go into fbz that muchs is that skills lag out for us and we can't really do much ;c it happens in instances too ;c. I bet you guys would get the problem ;c if you guys were playing in the US like us ;c, am i correct? ;c
  23. MrOrbit

    Do you watch anime?

    It breaks a man's heart and makes you cry. But it's good. Go watch Danganronpa, interesting but weird plot to the anime.
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